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23rd June 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of your love for all the saints; because of the hope which is laid up for you in heaven, of which you heard before in the word of the truth of the gospel,

Just like working at a job without the anticipation of a salary at the end, the gospel is not complete without the objective hope, which is the joys of heaven, of fellowship with Christ, some day.
And for the believer, it’s even deeper because there is a crown for anticipating these joys of heaven.
So the joys of heaven ought to be a major framework of the believer’s mindset.

I usually ask people, deep in your heart, what do you think about? What are the things that are your major anchor?
And your answer to these questions is the revelation that determines how you interpret everything that happens to you.

What is the anchor of your thoughts? What constitutes the framework of your thoughts? That’s where your revelation is!
Are you the believer who is constantly thinking about heaven?
Hebrews 6:19 says this hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls.
Do you look forward to spending time with Jesus, the way you look forward to hanging out with your buddies or a favourite meal?

Look, this is part of the gospel because characteristically, the gospel speaks of a hope that is laid ahead of us.
So, if you don’t come to that place where the essence of heavenly realities are your anchor, you can’t go through life properly.
To anticipate what the joys of the hereafter would look like doesn’t necessarily mean you want to die. But as you anticipate this joy that your mind may not necessarily be able to fathom or grasp, by the revelation of the Spirit, it forms the framework of your thoughts.

Oh thank God for this Christian life that is defined by the hope of knowing where we will be.
I John 3:3 says that everyone who has this hope purifies himself. So, a fruit of this hope is purity.
A woman who is expecting her husband to return someday, keeps herself. It’s the hope of his return that makes her keep herself.
We know that he’s coming back someday. So this anticipation is where we ought to live from, not in the constant bustle and flurry of job applications, marriage, business contracts etc.
Yes, these things are good, but the hope of the joy that is to come, is a reality you should press into and bubble over with.
Let the intangible be what makes your heart sing.

Friends, don’t let your meditations be clouded by what’s in your account but in the fact that you have Jesus.
Your mind should have constant flashes of what it would be like to be with Jesus for eternity with all the saints, the apostles, heroes of faith and the angels, worshipping together.
One big family unit!
Glory to God!

What constitutes the anchor or framework of my thoughts?

-I believe in the gospel, therefore the seed of the gospel produces fruit in my life.
-I don’t just know the gospel, I live the gospel. I am transformed by the gospel. The gospel is working through me.
-This gospel produces the genuine markers of authentic believers; of Faith, Love and Hope in me.
-The essence of heavenly realities constitutes my anchor.
-The hope of the joys of heaven is a strong, unbreakable anchor for my soul.
-My meditations are not clouded by the affairs of life but grounded in the fact that I have Jesus.
-The hope of knowing where I will be forms the framework of my thoughts.
-The hope I have received enables me to bear the fruit of purity in anticipation of Christ’s return.
-My mind is overwhelmed by the hope of dwelling together as one family unit with God someday.

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