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31st May 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

“For you have been my partners in spreading the Good News about Christ from the time you first heard it until now.”

It’s been an amazing journey this month learning about the simplicity of the message of the gospel that we have been commissioned and authorized to share(Romans 10:15).
It is my prayer that your heart has been stirred up with passion for soul-winning.
Because the business of soul-winning is not for the pastor or a one-man army, it’s for all of us.
The moment we get saved and come to Christ, we enter into a partnership.

Typically, a partnership involves different parties coming together to achieve a goal with mutual understanding of their roles and responsibilities. It’s the same for the believer and this is why every believer must understand the reason for the partnership in the first place(to spread the good news of forgiveness of sins) and the expectations God has of us.

If every believer is mindful of the grace of God that has saved them and the plight of the unsaved, we all will be fired up to fulfil our ministry(2 Corinthians 5:18-20). We will work with the understanding that we are essential workers. In fact, just like doctors, we are in the business of saving lives by declaring the truth of God’s love and redemption plan for mankind. We are to prescribe the medication of believing in Jesus and His finished works on the cross for people to gain eternal life and freedom from destruction.

See, the strength of any partnership is in the loyalty of everyone to the common goal and every partner pulling their weight. Imagine if every single believer in the world is actively evangelizing, do you think there will be as many unbelievers as there are? No.
The body of Christ has a responsibility.
The local assembly has a responsibility.
TSP has a responsibility.
Look at what Paul says in our text today. He testified of the consistency of the church in Phillipi. Their commitment to the partnership gladdened Paul’s heart anytime he remembered them.

TSP, I want to be glad about your zeal for preaching the gospel.
I want you to know that so long you belong to this assembly, you are in a partnership. Don’t exempt yourself. It’s not for leaders alone.
I invite EVERYONE to partner with me in sharing the good news of God’s grace that saves(Mark 16:15).
Let your whole life be a reflection of your commitment to the gospel.
Support the gospel.
Defend the gospel.
Be an ambassador of the gospel.
Publicize the gospel.
Give for the propagation of the gospel.

In short, let everything you do be for the furtherance of the gospel(Philippians 1:12).
There is grace for you and a supply of the Spirit of Jesus(Philippians 1:19).

Will you partner with me to push the gospel campaign?

-I believe the gospel is God’s only tool for saving the world. Therefore, I am a committed essential worker in the business of saving lives by declaring the gospel.
-My understanding of God’s grace fires me up to maximize every opportunity for evangelism. I declare the forgiveness of sins by the perfect sacrifice of Jesus.
-I am a responsible partner, I pull my weight. My whole life is a reflection of passionate commitment to the defense and spread of the gospel.
-Through me, people come to the saving knowledge of Jesus and I win souls in their numbers for the kingdom.
-As I dispense the good news of Christ, I experience grace and a supply of the Spirit of Jesus.
-I walk in the full experience of the blessing and I enjoy the dividends of the gospel.

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