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2nd September 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.

You know, before Lucifer fell, he was one of the high-ranking officials in heaven according to scriptures. In fact, when Angel Michael, one of the mightiest of angels would face Lucifer to deal with him, he would not do it directly.
Instead he would say, “The Lord rebuke you.” (Jude 1:9) That’s what he said.
And you see, when scripture talks about the face-off, it uses the word “fight”, meaning Michael didn’t have absolute power over Lucifer.
But he fought until there was no place found for Satan anymore and he was cast down immediately.

Now Satan comes down on the earth and he encounters Eve. Notice that his first reaction was not to scratch Eve. He didn’t start by physically attacking Eve.
When God gave a commandment to Adam about the tree not to eat from, the commandment was clear, wasn’t it? But see how the introduction of Satan was in Genesis 3.
The Bible says, “Now the serpent was more subtle …”
So you can see the crafty nature of Lucifer as part of his introduction.
In fact, before he possesses any animal, he looks for the one that is naturally cunning so that his nature can be amplified through that vessel.

So we see the nature of Lucifer being expressed through that serpent as he begins to twist the words of God.
Let me present to you that the first identity of Satan is counsellor, he gives counsel like he did Eve.
God says something specific to Adam(Genesis 3:1-4)but the serpent approaches Eve with statements like;
“Did God really say?”
“If you eat this fruit, God knows you will be like the gods.”

Now, pause and see what just happened. There is a shift of who she really is into another idea.
Did you see the subtle movement from the known to the unknown? That my dear friends, is the work of Lucifer.

You know, many people, believers even, think that Satan’s work is at midnight. No, the effect of his work is not the battle at midnight.
In fact, Satan hasn’t got much time for physical attacks as he has for talking to your mind.
It’s not by sucking your blood or pressing your chest at night which we have believed over time and accepted as norm.
No, Satan has more work to do than that. He didn’t suck Adam or Eve’s blood or use that giant pitchfork we see in artists impression to chook Adam.

Dear believer, Satan is about the idea!
You must know this.
Allow the truth win over superstitions.
Many of us legislate things that are not true and we empower superstitious beliefs by ourselves.
But you must understand that Satan works with your mind.
Therefore, you must be vigilant, you can’t afford to be negligent about your thoughts or give him room to suggest alternative ideas to you.
Be on the lookout and give no place to the devil.

In what ways or areas of my life have I opened up room to subtle, alternative ideas?

-I believe in the good news of the gospel and my life is hinged on the truth of the gospel.
-I let go of any tendencies to challenge the truth. Rather, I challenge my perspectives with the truth of the gospel.
-I identify strongholds of narratives and perspectives that exalt themselves against the knowledge of Christ and I pull them down.
-I will not be ignorant of the devil’s tricks and strategies. I understand his nature as cunning and I am watchful of his counsel to get me to question the truth of my identity.
-I stay with the truth of my identity in Christ and I give no room to alternative suggestions.
-I am equipped by the truth amd so I win over superstitions! I do not legislate or empower superstitions.
-I am sensitive to subtle, alternative ideas and I give no room to them. I give no place to Satan.
-No underhanded tricks of the devil catches me by surprise so I am not reactive.
-Because of the already concluded victory of Christ, I win always!

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