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4th APRIL 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

And not being weak in faith, he did not consider his own body, already dead (since he was about a hundred years old), and the deadness of Sarah’s womb.

Something interesting strikes me from the passage of scripture we read yesterday- Romans 4.
And I realize that the reason why Abraham did not waver at the promise was because of his belief in God’s ability to perform(Romans 4:20). His faith was not in the promise but in the one who gave the promise.

Frankly, this is where most of us miss it. Because our confidence is on the promise, if the promise is not happening, our faith is not active.
And so, we only say we have faith or our faith is only alive when we see the promise being fulfilled, step by step.
But what happens when it’s not? Do we lose faith in Him?
No. You must put your faith in Him.

Let’s take a look at Verse 19. Here, scripture tells us that Abraham was not weak in faith.
How? Because he didn’t consider the deadness of his body.
The word “consider” in that scripture is very significant. To consider is to think carefully about or to contemplate.
Abraham considered one thing- The ability of the giver of the Promise and that kept his faith fired up.
And so, the question every believer has to answer at each point is the question of what you are contemplating on.
You must ask yourself, “What am I really reflecting on?” because the word “consider” also means to reflect.

Hear me, the key to stay strengthened in faith is to consider the promise, the one who has made you a promise and not the problem.
It’s not just about knowing the word because the fact that you know the word of God doesn’t necessarily mean you think about it more.
As basic as this might sound, it’s so important.
In that moment when you are alone, what are you saying to yourself? What are you bearing in mind or meditating on?

In Genesis 3, the serpent told Eve something that was in exact contradiction to what God had said when he sold a narrative to her that made it seem like she could become like God when she ate the fruit God had specifically instructed was not to be eaten.
The question is- Was she not already like God? Created in His image?(Genesis 1:26-27).
Was the tree not there before the serpent brought it to her attention?
Look, it’s so important that your faith must be in the one who made the promise and not the promise. Because the devil can even twist the thought of the promise in a way that would get you to reconsider and question the promise.

Dear believer, you must understand that the promise is authentic because the giver of the promise never fails.
He kept His promise to Abraham. He kept the promise of the cross. His track record is reliable.
What promise has He made to you? He will keep it.
Don’t be weak in your faith in Him.
Believe Him.

What am I considering or meditating on?

-I am born of God. I am in the son. Therefore, I’m a joint heir to the promise by faith in Christ.
-I exercise discipline to keep my faith in the One who made the promise knowing that He is able to fulfill.
-I refuse to pay attention to other interpretations that are contrary to the promise.
-Because I believe in God, I do not waver at the promise. My focus is not on the problem or my weakness.
-I am strengthened in faith. I live a life of victory because God fulfills His promises.
-Today, I enjoy daily benefits and testimonies abound for me because the Gospel works. Hallelujah!

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