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31st January 2020
Dr Phil Ransom-Bello

“And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

For the longest time, many of us interpreted our text today as binding and loosing demons or evil spirits. But that’s not it.
To bind is to put/hold together. It is to legislate/put it into law, into writing.

This ability empowers the believer to influence things.
As a believer, you now have the ability to announce the order of things and make them happen.

Scripture in Revelations 12:11, says that their victory was by the word of their testimony! In other words, their overcoming was because of what they saw and what they said.

When challenges and storms hit your life’s ship? What are you seeing? What are you saying?
Are you seeing the lamb slain or the size of that storm?
Are you testifying of the lamb slain or are you describing/testifying about the storm?

Proverbs 18:20,21 says that death and life is in our tongue and we gain satisfaction from the fruit of our lips.

In a courtroom, when the judge calls you, you speak as a witness to something you saw. If the Bible calls you witnesses (Acts 2:32), it means you saw when He died!

To establish your influence is to see the lamb slain and give the devil a fresh recount of his defeat over 2000 years ago. You remind him that you were in the death that destroyed him and you rose. That reminder makes him quake. It carries the same  realtime effect as over 2000 years ago!

When the Bible speaks about a report, it speaks of who believes it. The report here is the lamb slain. It is your revelation and belief of this report that causes all things to align in your favour! This is how you exert influence! This report is a superior force that causes life and other elements to submit to your will.

When Jesus came to earth, the headquarters of heaven was transferred to Him so influence on earth was through Him, but then He leaves and says it’s to our benefit that He left. (John 16:7)
Because He is the head, the influence of heaven’s authority has now been transferred to us who have become His body (Colossians 1:18; 2:9,10).

This year, your harvest in every area (business, relationships, finance, health etc.) must be backed by the authority of the report that the lamb has been slain.

Your influence is too important to be underutilized this year. You must know that you are able to influence outcomes.
Quit acting like your victory is in the hands of someone else and present your report!

Does my testimony reflect the truth of my influence over life?

-I died with Christ and rose with Him.
-I have been given the power to disrupt satanic influences.
-By the revelation of the lamb slain, I have gained influence.
-The influence of heaven is the resting place of Jesus and I am in Christ, therefore, I have the ability to influence outcomes in every area of life.
-I legislate my peace, my progress!
-I dominate. Nothing will suppress me.
-For the rest of the year, my victories happen in quick succession! Back to back!
-The things or circumstances I don’t like and the people that don’t like me will pour forth blessings like wine!
-This year, my influence will produce pleasant results!

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