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31st August 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

So he answered and said, “ ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind,’ and ‘your neighbor as yourself.’ ”

You know, as a teenager, you are coming out of the place where you’ve been tutored by your parents and you are starting to know yourself. In that phase, it feels as if everything is about you and maybe no one really gets you but you see, the more you mature, you’ll realize that it is no longer about you, that life is not all about you.
In fact, a major mark of maturity is that it is not selfish.

But you see, the problem is a lot of people have gotten stuck and this world is designed to make everything suit you.
But hear me friends, if love is about yourself, then that’s not love.
But if love is you thinking about your brother or neighbour, then that’s love.
Remember, the template of love for the believer is the love of God demonstrated on the cross of Jesus which is the highest demonstration of love.

In our text, that man asked Jesus what he could do to inherit eternal life and when Jesus asked him what the law said, he tried to test Jesus with a question, “If the law says I should love the Lord and my neighbour as myself, who is my neighbour?”
And Jesus gave him the story of the good samaritan.

Jesus was saying, your neighbour is not the person you are in love with already, your neighbour is ANYBODY.
Look, don’t fight or challenge truth. In fact, I dare you to challenge your perspective.
What if there’s something wrong about your perspective and you need to change it?
What if you need to be more understanding of the situation?
What if you need to study your Bible more, pray more and open up to the revelation of the gospel?
What if this thing you call a weakness, God is bringing His power out of it?
And what if what you thought was for evil, is actually set up by God for your good?
See, give room for growth and challenge your perspective!

And just as we’ve been learning about the five expressions of the grace of God as demonstrated on the cross, my prayer for you is this-
God will give you the grace to exude the POWER of God.
God will give you the grace to exude the PEACE of God.
God will give you the grace to exude the WISDOM of God.
God will give you the grace to exude RIGHTEOUSNESS because you are righteous already so you will live righteously.
And lastly, God will give you the grace to exude the LOVE of God.

Have I been challenging the truth rather than my perspective?

-I believe in the good news of the gospel. That in the giving of Jesus, I am now a beneficiary of God’s grace.
-The gospel is the grace of God. I am thankful for the grace of God.
-I have come into a progressive revelation of all that the grace of God reveals.
-The cross is the proof of God’s love for me.
-I am secure in my identity as a believer so my love is not a function of others. I love because of who I am.
-I find it easy to love. Love is my identity.
-I don’t love from self. The love I express embodies what the Holy Spirit works in me. I have received a heart to love and I love from that place.
-I take responsibility for my love walk regardless of the challenges. I am going to love no matter what.
-The character of my love is that it always gives just like the Father.
-I give room for maturity and just like the demonstration of love on the cross, I love knowing that it’s not about me.
-I let go of negative tendencies to challenge the truth. Instead, I challenge my perspective and I open up to the transformative power of the revelation of the cross.
-I receive grace to exude power, peace, wisdom, righteousness and love as demonstrated by the cross of Jesus.

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