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21st July 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

We can’t be in doubt about who Romans 12 verse 2 was referring to. Paul was speaking to believers when he said, “Don’t be conformed to this world….”
Don’t be conformed. Don’t be.
It can’t be any clearer or stronger than that.

So, we’ve established that your spirit was saved. Past tense. But if you love to do the things that the world loves to do or maybe an addiction you had before you got born-again, the addiction would probably not disappear.
It would likely still be there but you can begin to transform, yourself by the renewing of your mind.
How do you do that?
By feeding on the word. You have to keep looking at Him.
You have to keep yourself in His love, you have to keep telling yourself that He loves you and because of His love, this is who you have become- righteous!
You affirm to yourself that you have become righteous in Christ!

Listen, the more you become conscious of your identity, the easier it is for you to drop old habits.
It’s like when you get a phone, it has a password, but after awhile you changed the password. You’ll notice that sometimes when you use the phone, you might type in the old password, subconsciously.
So you’d have to keep reminding yourself that there’s a new password now or even a new phone now.

Friends, tell yourself that you’re no longer the man/woman that you used to be.
If you don’t renew your mind, you will be a believer who has not been transformed. And so, even though you have the full identity of everything Jesus is, the full expression of His DNA on your inside, your transformation will be slow because you are not renewing your mind.
In the end, the choice will always be between CONFORMING or TRANSFORMING.
Cultivate the habit of transforming till it becomes normal or your default.

Are there areas of my life or issues where I find it easier to conform rather than transform?

-I believe in the good news of the gospel, that the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus has announced the provision of forgiveness of my sins.
-I don’t just know the gospel, I live the gospel. I am transformed by the gospel. The gospel is working through me.
-The hearing of the gospel produces the fruits of Genuine Faith, Love for all the Saints and Hope of a Guaranteed Future in me.
-The fruits of the gospel are not a product of my ability but are generated supernaturally.
-The fruit of the gospel produces an increasing disdain for the things of the world.
-I am committed to renewing my mind. I yield my way of thinking to be transformed by the influence of God’s word alone.
-I feed on the word of God. I keep myself in His love. I affirm that because of His love, I have been made righteous.
-I am diligent in reminding myself of my new identity. I deliberately stay conscious of my identity.
-Between conforming and transforming, I cultivate the habit of transforming.
-Transforming is more natural to me than conforming. I am a transformed believer.

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