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5th July 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

Everyone who keeps hating a fellow believer is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life residing in him.

When a baby is born, the expectation for that baby right in the labour room is to show proof of life, isn’t it? In some cases, they give the baby a smack on his/her behind to get the baby to cry out.
Now think about this in light of the new birth experience, isn’t it only normal for you to be expected to show proof of life when you are born-again and raised to new life in Christ?
And 1 John 3:14 shows us what that looks like. To show proof of life is to love the brethren.

Verse 15 goes on to say that whoever doesn’t love the brethren is a murderer. Imagine that. This shows you how grave a situation it is when as a believer, you don’t love your fellow believer in Christ for whatever reason.
Sometimes, when you see or interact with some people, there is real hate and this is nothing to be shy about if you’ve ever been in this place because we all fall into the temptation to hate someone.

But you see, to hate is firstly from a nature that is not godly and then the temptation to hate is from an influence that will cause you to do the things or works of Satan.
So there will be times when the believer goes through the challenge of not being able to love because of a reason, maybe something someone has done to you. So there’s the propensity to hate and when you give in, your old man begins to spring up again.

That verse says no murderer or no one who hates has eternal life in him.
So it’s important to cast your mind back to this scripture when you face the challenge of not loving.
You are not a murderer.
When a believer says, “This person is my sworn enemy or I’ll never love this person.”, it’s because that believer doesn’t know the seed that is in them, if they do, they would understand that they have what it takes to love because they have received the love of God.

Friends, you have what it takes to love anybody and everybody.

Do I allow my old nature spring to life by giving room to hate and enmity?

-I believe in the good news of the gospel, that the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus has announced the provision of forgiveness of my sins.
-I don’t just know the gospel, I live the gospel. I am transformed by the gospel. The gospel is working through me.
-The hearing of the gospel produces the fruits of Genuine Faith, Love for all the Saints and Hope of a Guaranteed Future in me.
-The fruits of the gospel are not a product of my ability but are generated supernaturally.
-I show proof of life by loving the brethren.
I love because I have been loved.
-I am not a murderer. I refuse to give in to the ungodly nature and influence to do the works of the devil by hating others.
-My old man is put to death. I have no sworn enemies.
-Because I have received the love of God, I’ve got what it takes to love anybody and everybody.

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