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6TH MARCH 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

When it comes to embracing the truth of our identity as believers, many of us have an interesting way of responding to bad circumstances.
On the one hand, we are surprised when these situations come and on the other hand, we allow the emotions to really get to us, such that we start to interprete our identity through the lenses of how we feel or what we are going through.

Listen, you must know that bad circumstances will come. Looking at our text today, even Jesus did not deny that reality,
So bad circumstances will come, but the fact that it it does, doesn’t mean that the emotions have to go with you. You don’t have to internalize the emotions of the tragedy that hit your heart or life but your joy and peace can be intact regardless of what has happened.

From Jesus’ example in His response to a bad circumstance, we see that this is actually possible. Remember the story of the storm? Scripture records that in the midst of the chaos and the disciples trying to figure their way out of it, He was sleeping.
And when they woke Him up and tried to shake him with the emotions of that bad circumstance by asking if He didn’t care whether they perished, what did Jesus do?
He arose from that sleep, rebuked the wind and declared peace. From sleep. (Mark 4:37-40)
That was a man who knew how to master circumstances and issues with the superior knowledge of His identity. And that is the same way God wants us to respond to negative situations or any crisis. You must be able to rise up and say “Peace” to that situation.

It is so important that as there is trouble out there, you are not troubled. You must quiet your heart from the noise of the storm and bad circumstance on the outside.
It doesn’t matter that the world is agonizing over reports of a virus outbreak on a daily basis, you must be able to say to yourself- “Peace be still.”

In Romans 4, we see something interesting play out. A situation of the PROMISE versus the PROBLEM.
Which do you think felt more real- the promise that God had given Abraham about having many seeds or the problem of his age and the deadness of Sarah’s womb? The problem most likely did.
But scripture says, Abraham did not waver at what God said, in spite of how old he felt but was strong in faith, giving glory to God, fully convinced in the ability of the One who gave the promise to fulfill it.(Romans 4:20-21)

And this is where many of us miss it because when the promise is not happening, our faith is no longer active. We stop believing. Abraham didn’t have faith in the promise but in God. And because of this confidence, he did not consider (i.e think carefully) or contemplate the situation of his body (See verse 19).

So here’s a quetion for you today;
What are you considering?
The promise or the problem?
As life presents situations to you, you must decide what to give more attention or careful thought.
This is how to gain mastery over your emotions.

What influences my emotions- the situation or the truth of God’s promises?

-I am born of God. This is not just my identity, it is also my response to life.
-Because of this, His emotions are my emotions. I have gained mastery over the way situations makes me feel with the godly emotions of joy and peace.
-My heart receives instruction and internalizes the right emotions regardless of the situation.
-My life is patterned after the example of Christ. I master cirumstances from the knowledge of my identity.
-Regardless of how I feel, I give more attention to the promise and to the ability of the one who has made me the promise.
-My faith is strengthened and I rejoice always.
-Today, I declare to myself and every storm or challenge- PEACE BE STILL!
-Today, I enjoy daily benefits and by the victory of Christ, the incidence of calamity has been reduced to dashing my foot against a stone.

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