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21st April 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

to Jesus the Mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling that speaks better things than that of Abel.

With the significance/power that we’ve come to learn about the blood, its easy to have or continue in the wrong notions about what the blood is used for.
Take for instance, for many of us, its normal to pray this way- “I sprinkle or cover this road or house or food with the blood of Jesus.”
But friends, we don’t cover or sprinkle with the blood. The blood is not paint or poison medication.

If you cover the car with the blood, how would the driver see? It sounds funny but let’s look at scriptures to understand the correct application. In talking about the new order we have come into, our text says we have come into the blood of sprinkling that SPEAKS better things than the blood of Abel. It is voice-activated.

Now, notice that there are two elements here; The SHED blood & The blood of SPRINKLING .
The shed blood brought you in and when you come in, you find the blood of sprinkling.
In understanding what redemption has brought the believer into, there are two sides- The LEGAL and the VITAL .
The legal side of redemption is what authenticates your status as being righteous in Christ.
Legally, it’s about what God has done in Christ.
But vitally, it is about what the Holy Spirit is doing in you because of what God has done.
In other words, what God is doing in you is because of what He has done in Christ!

For example, we spoke of healing yesterday. Do you realize that healing your body is not a new work? Healing in your body is possible now because of what has happened.
So FAITH will take from what GRACE has provided.
Another example- You have peace WITH God because of what He did in Christ Jesus but the Peace OF God is what you have by the working of the Holy Spirit in you.
So if you have peace IN you, it’s because you have peace WITH Him.

See, the blood of sprinkling is because of the shed blood.
And I hope you know there’s a difference between the blood of Jesus and the blood of bulls and goats that could only atone?
The blood of Jesus is remission. That is, no trace! Your sin was put on Jesus, He died and came out a different person. Where is the sin?
In 2 Corinthians 5:17, the “new creation” there is proof that it doesn’t exist.

Friends, the shed blood gave you the doorway imto Christ but now that you have come into Zion, the blood is not just shed to bring you in, it is speaking now.
We don’t just have the past ministry of Jesus- His shed blood.
We also have His present day ministry- A High priest that lives to make intercession for us(Hebrews 7:25).
And if Jesus is interceding for you now, He is talking with the blood of sprinkling! His blood.
So it’s not you that’s doing the sprinkling. Neither is it for houses and cars and food and roads.
He is our High priest and He is the one who sprinkles it to mediate better things for you.

Do I live with the consciousness of the better things that the blood of Jesus speaks for me?

-I am a new creation. The blood of Jesus brought remission of sins for me. There is no trace anymore.
-This blood is of a higher quality than the old order and its voice speaks better for me.
-The blood of the old order no longer speaks for me. It’s a different voice that is speaking now.
-I walk in the experience of the good things that the blood of Jesus has mediated for me.
-My High priest lives forever to make intercessions for me. I am saved completely and for all eternity.
-I enjoy the experience of both the legal and vital side of redemption.
-By faith, I enjoy all that Grace has provided.
-Because I have peace with God, I now have the peace of God in me.

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