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20th February 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”

One of the reasons I enjoy reading 1 Corinthians 13 is because scripture clearly highlights what Love is and what it is not.
And one of the amazing highlights we saw a couple days ago about the character of love in that text, is that Love rejoices. But it doesn’t stop there, it goes on to tell you what love rejoices about. Verse 6 says, it rejoices in the truth.

Now, hold that thought, let’s journey over to our text today.
John the beloved in verse 3, said he rejoiced greatly when report came that Gaius was walking in the truth. Next, he says that his greatest joy is to see his brethren walk in the truth of the Gospel. What truth is John rejoicing about?
In verse 6, he tells us of the Love Gaius had for the cburch that even strangers alike testified of his love. What amazing selflessness and heart for the gospel!

In Colossians 1:3,4, this time, we see Paul give thanks and rejoice because news reaching him concerning the brethren at Colosse was that they had love for all the saints.
Think about it, for these two different writers to rejoice about it, then it’s worthy of note.

As believers, we must understand that an evident fruit of being rooted in the gospel is genuine love for all the saints.
And from our text, we see that this is an all-encompassing love that caters for the physical well-being and even more importantly, the spiritual health of the saints.
This comes with an earnest desire to see that your brothers “prosper and walk in health even as their soul prospers” as John puts it in verse 2 of our text.

Often, when we love one another, we tend to focus on one of these two aspects (natural or spiritual well-being) depending on where our personal priorities lie. But John in this scripture, helps us set the right priorities.

Our first and most important expression of love to one another is to minister Christ so as to help our brothers and sisters “walk in the truth”.
This is where we ought to derive the most joy and satisfaction in doing this. Taking care of their needs and ensuring physical well-being will come alongside.

Being filled with the love of Christ is not just for us to bask in. No. It inspires us to seek and discern the spiritual state of people around us and to reach out to them, pray for them, disciple them and minister in any other way the Holy Spirit leads us to, till they come to walk in the truth.

Today, take time to think of all the people God has placed in your life and pray earnestly for them.

-I am Loved by God.
-Because I have received His love, I have been equipped to have love for all the saints.
-My love is not limited to a select few or a select way of expressing love. The love I express is all-encompassing.
-The fruit of the gospel manifests in me as I derive utmost joy and satisfaction when others around me come to the knowledge of the truth.
-I take delight in ensuring the spiritual well-being of those around me.
-By the help of the Holy Spirit, I won’t give up on others. Rather, I am committed to their spiritual well-being.
-I rejoice in truth.
-Today, testimonies abound for me because the Gospel works.

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