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9th September 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

But He answered and said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’ ”

It is so important for the believer to know what is the correct narrative so that we don’t fuel what is wrong.
And so once more, I pray for you that God helps you to decipher between truth and alternative ideas. Amen.
You see, when scripture tells us that Lucifer left Jesus for an opportune time, that was the room for Jesus to counter with the truth. And what did Jesus say?
He said, “It is written…” (Matthew 4:4)

In other words, Jesus was saying, “The WORD that is right is what I’m imposing over what you are saying, over the alternative idea you have brought.”
Because hear me friends, Satan is always trying to bring another idea. It’s a concept that is not right.
Look, may we not spend the years and seasons of our lives with the wrong concept.
Do you know there are believers who don’t understand that the concept of forgiveness or righteousness is according to the perspective of the new creation which declares to us a concluded, settled matter that our sins have been forgiven?
That it’s been done already?

When a believer thinks his challenges are a result of God’s anger at him or because God has not forgiven him, you have believed wrongly and you have legislated a lie. It is like giving strength to something that is not there.
Dear believer, believing right, believing correctly is key. And I’m telling you this because you need to know the value of what you believe and you must understand that what you believe is what determines your life.

Two people can be in the same situation but their beliefs will produce two completely different experiences.
I want to believe right about everything that concerns my life.
You also have to do the same. And let this touch every area of your life, from your marriage to your health to your prosperity to your righteousness.
Be the believer that believes correctly.

What areas of my life have I legislated a lie and believed wrongly?

-I believe in the good news of the gospel and my life is hinged on the truth of the gospel.
-I am deliberate about my thought life. I refuse to wield any thought power to the devil to influence me with tricky ideas.
-I will not be ignorant of the devil’s tricks and strategies. I see through the obvious and I look beyond the surface of any and every idea.
-The seed of God’s word finds good ground in me. I’m not deceived by look alikes that try to sell concepts that are not of God to me.
-I know what is correct and I do not invest in or fuel the wrong concepts.
-I am sensitive to take advantage of opportune moments to counter wrong concepts with the truth. I impose the word over alternative ideas.
-I will not legislate lies or give strength to what is not the truth about my identity by believing wrongly.
-I believe correctly about every area of my life.
-I hold fast to the profession of my faith and because of the already concluded victory of Christ, I win always!

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