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26th May 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

You perceive how God sees you in the mirror of the Word, but then you go out and forget your divine origin.

The weight of yesterday’s conversation continues to hit strongly!
I mean, how amazing it is to know that our account with God is balanced! Clean record! (Colossians 2:14). Oh Glory to God.
Romans 4:25 says “Balanced account.”
Now, in light of this scripture, imagine how people sound when they say, “Oh your sin is taking you to hell. You need to balance your account with God by doing good works.”
Isn’t that funny?

Good works? Whose message is that? Remember we saw last week that this was John’s baptism? The idea that you have to repent in order to receive forgiveness. No sir. We have the real thing in Christ now.
You must know that the message of John’s baptism counters the message of the gospel(Mark 1:4,14)because at the core of his message was a deep-seated belief in the law but the gospel is the grace of God(Acts 20:24)
Major difference!
So we must be pro-Jesus not pro-John in our declaration of the gospel.

When you are talking to people you have to see them in the light of who they are in Christ. You don’t call the believer a thief or a fornicator. He or she is just a believer who is fornicating. And you know why he’s fornicating? He doesn’t remember who he is.
It’s like a man who sees himself in the mirror, walks away and then forgets what manner of man is. See how our text puts it.

Listen, I once shared this with someone. Good works doesn’t begin with good works, good works begins with memory. Because you don’t start to do good works by doing good works, you do good works because you are conscious of who you are. So when you know who you are, you know what your identity is not supposed to do.
So I don’t need a law- “Thou shall not” to make me not do something.
The law is already written in my heart!(Hebrews 10:16)

Take for example, do you need any class prefect to tell you not to urinate in the sitting room or in the banking hall or in a church auditorium? No matter how pressed you are, you don’t. But maybe a mad man can because he is not conscious of who he is.
But you are not mad. And because you are not mad, you know what not to do.
So if you can always remember “This is who I am”, you won’t get elected into office and be stealing or siphoning funds, it won’t be normal for you to talk down your sister or brother or neighbour behind their back.
You know it’s not your nature.
You know you won’t just do certain things because they don’t fit anymore.

Hear me friends, your account with God is balanced, you have been forgiven and your nature has been changed so produce good works from that memory, from that consciousness.
Dear believer, know thyself.

Do I produce good works from the memory or consciousness of who I am in Christ?

-I am a beneficiary of the ultimate, perfect sacrifice of Jesus.
-Jesus is the object of my salvation. I have been saved completely, perfectly and equally.
-By His sacrifice, my account with God is balanced. Totally clean record!
-My sins are forgiven and wiped away completely.
-The new nature I have received in Christ equips me to produce good works.
-As I stay conscious of who I am, I do good works. I know who I am, therefore, I be who I am.
-God’s law is written in my heart and I have the memory of the righteous to live out His laws.
-I walk in the full experience of the better and perfect sacrifice of Jesus.

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