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4th September 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.

Have you ever thought about the work of a prosecutor? When a person is accused of a crime, e.g stealing and they call the person to the dock, when the prosecutor approaches, have you noticed that he/she won’t outrightly tell the offender that he or she is a thief or is guilty of that crime?
Instead, the prosecutor uses words or a line of questioning to guide you so that by yourself and in the view of everyone, you will acquiesce to being a thief or guilty of the offence.
And then the prosecutor will wrap up with “No further questions, your honour.”

It will shock you how you got to that point and you see, when next you are arraigned, that prosecutor will return to your words and allude to the fact that you confessed your guilt or said you were a thief.
People of God, this is what Satan does! It’s almost as though he uses you to orchestrate your fall.
Like we say in our local parlance- he uses you to do yourself

This is why it’s funny how we just open our mouths and talk. You hear believers making statements like,
” Ember month is coming. It’s the time for bloodshed.” and it becomes a stronghold in their minds.
In fact, I feel Satan works more effectively on Sundays because that’s when wrong ideas are passed. When he wants to pass a thought, he uses gatherings which tells you how powerful congregations are more than when it’s just an individual.
That’s why when the sons of God gathered together in Job 1:6, Satan also came because it is his MO to take advantage of congregations.
So he tells God that he is coming from to and fro and appears as one of the sons of God.

Do you know some people use prayer points to legislate the works of Satan? And so, many Christians for so long have been enslaved by thoughts and ideas simply because they heard it in church.
Look, these thoughts and ideas are weapons of the devil!
And we often don’t know when our minds begin to get narrow on some truths. It’s subtle.

Hear me friends, it doesn’t matter if these thoughts and ideas have been affirmed by everyone or by other Christians, you must watch out for alternative thoughts and ideas that narrow your mind on truth.
Stick with the truth and allow it win over superstitions.

Do I allow generally accepted opinions or ideas hold more influence over my thought life than the truth?

-I believe in the good news of the gospel and my life is hinged on the truth of the gospel.
-I am deliberate about my thought life. I refuse to wield any thought power to the devil to influence me with tricky ideas.
-I will not be ignorant of the devil’s tricks and strategies. I understand his nature as cunning and I am watchful of questions/ideas designed to get me to the place of condemnation.
-I am careful with the words of my mouth. I do not legislate or empower superstitions or popular opinions that are in opposition to the truth.
-I am conscious of the idea behind popular opinions and I don’t take the effect of congregational orientations for granted.
-I will not be enslaved by thoughts and ideas that the devil propagates with his tricks.
-My mind is expanding everyday, being renewed by the truth of God’s word.
-I guard against experiences and limitations and thoughts that are designed to narrow my mind on the truth.
-I stay with the truth not what everyone else believes or professes.
-Because of the already concluded victory of Christ, I win always!

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