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25th May 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

Who was betrayed and put to death because of our misdeeds and was raised to secure our justification (our acquittal), [making our account balance and absolving us from all guilt before God].

I love the eye-opening revelations we’ve been digging from the scriptures regarding our salvation, in the past few days. And you know, this shows that it’s by the scriptures we come to the understanding of what really happened when Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for mankind.
So like I encouraged yesterday, go study the scriptures for yourself.
-That’s how to know that your sins are forgiven, cancelled completely and God doesn’t remember them anymore.
-That’s how to know that salvation is only by Jesus(Acts 4:12).
The scriptures have expressed these truths for you!

It’s also the reason why you must always weigh whatever anyone says about your salvation with God’s position in the scriptures. If the scriptures tell us that His once-for-all-time sacrifice is perfect and greater than your sin, then why would you believe what anybody or any preacher tells you that is contrary or that brings condemnation?
Listen, God is no longer angry with you. Neither does He condemn you(John 3:17).

The sacrifice of Jesus took away your sin(past, present and future)once!
It wasn’t repeated year after year like the blood of bulls and goats in the old testament. And if His blood could do what the blood of those animals couldn’t do(Hebrews 10:4), then it means His blood is greater than sin!

So my question is;
When did you HAVE forgiveness of sins?
When the blood was shed.
When did you RECEIVE it? When you believed.
It’s that simple.
And to wrap it beautifully, verse 19 of Hebrews chapter 10 says we have full freedom.
Declare to yourself right now and say- I have freedom!

Look, don’t let anyone confuse you that you are still in your sins.
Don’t fall for any sermon that makes you feel like there’s something you need to do to gain forgiveness or for you to be accepted by God.
Don’t let anyone make you play down the work of Jesus on the cross.
No one can play that one down.
It’s perfect, complete, eternal and hands down the best.

Friends, just like our text today tells us, Jesus was put to death and raised to secure our acquittal. So you are acquitted.
And much more, our account is balanced with God.
Our record is clean. No more charge against us (Colossians 2:14).
Praise God!

Mediate on the fact that Jesus has balanced your account with God. You have freedom.

-The sacrifice of Jesus is hands down the best and I am a beneficiary of the ultimate, perfect sacrifice.
-The blood of Jesus’ sacrifice is greater than sin. Nothing and no one can play down the work of Jesus on the cross.
-My sins are forgiven and wiped completely. Jesus’ sacrifice balanced my account with God. Now I have full freedom.
-Jesus is the object of my salvation. I have been saved completely, perfectly and equally.
-I accept and proclaim only God’s position regarding my salvation. No additions. No subtractions.
-I walk in the full experience of the better and perfect sacrifice of Jesus.

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