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21st May 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

But when the Spirit of truth comes, He will lead you into all truth. He will not speak his own words. He will speak only what He hears and will tell you what will happen in the future.

It’s so important for every believer to realize that our role as approved ambassadors of the gospel means that we are partnered with God to deliver the same mandate. We are to communicate the same thing that God is saying about the salvation and forgiveness of mankind.

God was so intentional about the message of salvation that even after Jesus had come, the Holy Spirit- who is the Spirit of Christ, continues to affirm the same thing.
God was so protective of His investment in Christ for the payment of sin that He made sure everyone involved in the spreading this message says the same thing.
There’s no discord between the truth of the gospel that Jesus came to declare and what the Holy Spirit’s present ministry declares.

In John 16, scripture tells us that there are three categories of people that the Holy Spirit would minister to;
-Those who are righteous and
-The devil.
We see in verse 8 that the Holy Spirit is not convicting the unbeliever of sin because they sinned but because they do not believe in Jesus who is the only way to be saved(John 3:17)
So you see, even the Holy Spirit points to Jesus as the object of salvation.

Do you know why the Holy Spirit won’t convict the world of sin because of sin? It’s because the sin nature has been dealt with!(Romans 6:10)
God is no longer counting or recording sins(2 Corinthians 5:19). So the matter is about believing or not believing.
Now, if that’s the only reason the Holy Spirit will convict the sinner, how much more the believer?

In fact, scripture is so clear in its use of terms. In verse 9 of John 16, Jesus says the Holy Spirit will convict the sinner of sin “…because THEY do not believe”.
Can you see that verse is not talking to you?
The Holy Spirit never convicts the believer of sin! That’s not His JD(Job description).

And in the next verse, the Holy Spirit convicts the believer of RIGHTEOUSNESS “…because YOU won’t see Him physically anymore” as He returns to the Father.
And then in verse 11, He ministers judgment to the devil.
Listen, this is the reason why it’s not the role of anyone, any pastor to go about telling unbelievers- “You are a sinner.”
That’s the job of the Holy Spirit not yours. Before the sinner came, the Holy Spirit had been telling that sinner that he or she is sin because they haven’t believed in Jesus.

Friends, anything that tells you that you are a sinner is not the Holy Spirit. Because if you are saved, the only thing the Holy Spirit will convict you of is your righteousness. He will remind you of who you are and it is knowing who you are that makes you not do what you should not do.
If the Holy Spirit faithfully carries out His job description, we ought to do the same and declare the truth of the gospel alone.

Take some time to dwell on the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

-I am a faithful ambassador of Christ. I diligently declare the forgiveness of sin and reconciliation God has given us in Christ.
-My position on the gospel is entirely the same as God’s. No additions. No subtractions.
-Because of Jesus, I have come into favour and harmony with God.
-God is no longer angry with me. My sins are forgiven.
-I have been given the nature of righteousness so I live righteously.
-I enjoy the present ministry of the Holy Spirit that reminds me of the righteousness I have received. I am not condemned.
-Daily, I am faithful in the business of soul-winning and I make profit of souls in millions for the Kingdom.
-I enjoy the advantage and dividends of the gospel.

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