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5th APRIL 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.

If you remember, when we talked about the roadmap to transformation, one of the points we established was that your character is ultimately formed from what you ear/eye gates is first exposed to, which in turn, influences your thoughts, feelings, decisions and habits.
It’s not thinking one thought once that forms a habit, it is thinking one thought, many times that forms a habit, which is sustained to become a character.

And this is an important lesson we often miss in our faith walk as believers. When you think about the promise, it’s not a one-off. You must able to think about the promise AGAIN. It is sustained consideration.
What I mean is, we don’t just consider the promise once when we are facing a particular problem and then when the challenge is over, you stop considering the promise.
No! It’s the same promise.
That because of the gift of righteousness God gives when you place your faith in Christ, your predictable outcome will always be that you are blessed!
Meaning every problem has no choice than to respond to this blessing.
So, the problems might change but let the same promise be your contemplation.

To change a character/habit, you’ve got to flip the coin by going back to what the word says and feed your ear/eye gates with new information that will then inform what you think, what you feel, your decisions and ultimately, your habits.
So, for example, other than complaining, the right response will be to rest and then rest again until it becomes a habit.

Remember we said that thoughts are words spoken to your head? Now, hear me, the longer time you give those thoughts, the longer time frame they have to form and then start to influence your action and then habits.
But when these words come against you, you are the one who will condemn or refute them by contemplating on the promise(Isaiah 54:17)
Abraham wasn’t necessarily perfect but he was a man of little unbelief. He gave no room to have unbelief in his heart but kept thinking about the promise(Romans 4:19-22)

Friends, you’ve got to stay with the promise!
The promise is not disposable cutlery, it’s rinse and repeat.
The fulfilment of the promise is our PREDICTABLE OUTCOME & our LIFESTYLE.
You’ve got to contemplate the promise SEVERALLY.
That’s how to guard your heart.

Do I feed on the promise over and over or only when I need it?

-In Christ, I am a beneficiary of the new covenant.
I have received the fulfilment of the promise made to Abraham and his seed.
-Christ has qualified me for all of God’s promises.
-Because I am a joint-heir of the promise, life and challenges respond to me on the basis of the promise alone.
-The fulfilment of the promise is my predictable outcome. It is my lifestyle.
-I contemplate on the promise over and again.
-Today, I enjoy daily benefits and testimonies abound for me because the Gospel works. Hallelujah!

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