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29th January 2020
Dr Phil Ransom-Bello

Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God. But this fragrance is perceived differently by those who are being saved and by those who are perishing.

Have you been in a room and someone with a really nice, noticeable perfume walked in?
Have you had to stay in a room that was close to a drainage pit (what we call soakaway )?
If you have, you can testify that both smells(pleasant and unpleasant) got your attention and influenced your behaviour.
If you were about to eat, its very likely that the bad odour of the pit messed with your appetite and you may have had to leave the room.
In the other case, the nice perfume made you want to strike up a conversation with the wearer and hang around for some time.

In our text today, scripture tells us that our lives are a Christ-like fragrance spreading influentially both among those who are saved and those who are not. In other words, we can both influence people to come to the knowledge of Christ and we can dispel negative influences that oppose the knowledge of Christ wherever we go.

Many of us act as though our fragrance is for decoration and not to be used to influence the elements around us.
Elijah was not even a new man in Christ, he didn’t possess the same power that raised Christ on his inside but he was influential. He redefined the seed time and harvest season, declaring at his word there would be no rain.
How much more you who has been given the gift of righteousness and abundant grace to establish the reign of God’s kingdom here?

In 2 kings 3, we see an account of the Israelites battle against the King of Moab. But there’s something outstanding here, when the King of Moab saw that Israel was winning the battle and he was loosing ground, he slaughtered his firstborn son and spilled his blood over the wall of the city.
What? Why would he do that?

See what scripture says in verse 27, as soon as he killed his son, who was heir to the throne, the Bible says there was great anger against Israel!
Why? Didn’t they receive a prophecy through Elisha that guaranteed God’s approval before embarking on that battle? What went wrong?

Here’s what happened- God was impressed with a heathen king, because he peeked into His future redemption plan and influenced the odds in his favour by a blood sacrifice. It was a prototype of what was to come.
Dear believer, your influence is backed by the blood of Jesus that is heavier!
Because of the sacrifice of Jesus, there is great indignation against the devil at the cross! His influence holds no more power over your space.

The order has changed!
You don’t have to cope with that situation or adjust to that cycle or system anymore!
Wield your influence!

What areas of my life do I need to enforce the influence I now have in Christ?

-I am in Christ.
-God leads me on a continuous victory parade to spread the knowledge of Christ.
-I carry the influence of the sweet fragrance of Christ.
-Because the blood of Jesus backs me, I have the authority to dispel negative influences everywhere I go.
-My influence is not bound by any limitations.
-The will of God is established in my space because of me.
-I operate in the influences of Power, Riches, Wisdom, Honour, Glory, Strength and Blessing.

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