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22nd MARCH 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

We are like common clay jars that carry this glorious treasure within, so that the extraordinary overflow of power will be seen as God’s, not ours.

I found something remarkable in one of the passages we looked at yesterday. In John 20:19-20, we saw that when Jesus first appeared to His disciples and showed them His scar, it produced joy.
But something interesting happens the second time He appeared (verse 26-28), He went to Thomas who wasn’t present when He first came and who had been doubting that they had seen Jesus and when He showed him the scars, Thomas believed.
It dawned on me that your scar is not only capable of producing joy or making people glad but it will make people believe.

It’s so important that you understand the usefulness of your scars, otherwise you won’t handle it well.
In Hebrews 2:10, scripture says that it was fitting for Jesus to go through sufferings to bring many sons to glory.
Friends, your perspective of the challenges and pain you experience in the place of service, must change.
Look through your pain carefully because out of it will spring forth peace, joy and increase faith.

Stop thinking that the power of God will be revealed through your preparations. Maybe, but not exactly.
The power of God will come from that place of weakness or fragility, where your readiness is nothing to boast about.
That way, you won’t be able to put your print on it. It will be all God’s.

So don’t go about hiding/protecting your wounds, let Jesus touch it.
Receive the healing that the light of the cross brings.
Let that wound become a scar.
Let that scar become a symbol.

You know, I think about the fact that people like us(workers, pastors, leaders etc.) who serve in the kingdom passionately, can easily get carried away by the exploits and feel like we don’t go through challenges or storms.
Listen, we are not SUPERSTARS, we are men of SUPERSCARS.
If we take off our capes, you will see scars of whips and lashes inflicted on us by people.
Some of you wonder why it seems like you are targeted, your name is constantly being entangled in much talk and backstabbing and you are wondering what you’ve done to deserve it.
Hear me, if you are not gifted or going somewhere great in the place of service, they won’t talk about you.

Look, I don’t know where you’ve been beaten or battered or offended as you went about your place of service, but out of it can come forth wholeness.
You may never feel like forgiving, but you must instruct your heart to forgive.
That scar is proof that you can’t deny the fact that it happened so it doesn’t take memories away but the higher truth is that this has become a scar.
Jesus got healed supernaturally, in three days, a wound became a scar, bypassing the natural process of healing.
You too can give your wounded, broken heart over for supernatural healing and restoration. And the same crack that brought pain is the same crack that will release the healing power of God out of you.

What are my scars producing?
Joy & Belief or Resentment & Unforgiveness?

-I receive the love of God.
– As my heart is strengthened by the revelation of this love, my service has become an inspired response to this love.
– My life is patterned after Christ, producing the kind of results that are synonymous with His nature.
-I let go of my hold on every pain/weakness/failure and I heal supernaturally.
– Strength is made perfect for weakness in my place of service.
– Grace is multiplied to me always causing my scars to produce peace and joy.
-I instruct my heart to forgive. Just as I have been forgiven, completely and without reservation.
-God is glorified in my pain and His power is revealed mightily in me.
– I am daily loaded with benefits. Testimonies abound for me because the Gospel works. Hallelujah!

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