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16TH MARCH 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

Then you shall see and become radiant, And your heart shall swell with joy; Because the abundance of the sea shall be turned to you, The wealth of the Gentiles shall come to you.

Looking over the rich, instructional lessons of the past few days, it’s so important that we never forget how essential what we allow through our ear/eye gates is to our maturity as believers.
You must never lose sight of the fact that at every second, the wheel of life’s anatomy is constantly in motion;
What you hear/say= How you think= What you feel= Your decisions= Your actions= Your habits= Your character= Your destination.

Make a deliberate decision to always monitor your ear/eye gates and what you focus on.
When you think about the problem, increase the volume of the promise in your thoughts. I’m not asking you to ignore the problem but when you are dealing with the problem, make sure you are dealing with it from the perspective of the promise.

Friends, your life must make sense. It must reflect the advantage of your heritage in Christ.
Cultivate the lifestyle of always analyzing what you are contemplating on.
Build a habit of monitoring your contemplations through the lens of God’s word. In fact, surround yourself with an atmosphere that’s fortified by the word of God at all times- eating, driving, taking a shower etc. That’s how to guard your heart.

The truth is, what you are conscious of, determines your reality. Hebrews 11:15.
If you are conscious of something, you’ll see the opportunity when it comes where everyone else sees a problem. So make sure you are always conscious of the bigger picture which is the promise.

When Joseph told his father the dream of the sun and the moon bowing to him in Genesis 37, it was his father who gave the interpretation that the sun and the moon meant his parents and siblings would bow to him. It wasn’t Joseph. But that wasn’t the significance of that dream and it ended up limiting his perspective, making him see himself as the best in his family and become a victim of sibling rivalry.
Whereas, the real meaning of that dream was that because light is connected to dominion and influence, the world would come to Joseph’s rule just as we see in the end.

Look, your interpretation of a dream or revelation is so important. The tree in the claypot and the one in the forest don’t have the same outcome. How you see is crucial.
Let your mind expand to the size of the promise. Let your heart be enlarged and take the shape of the promise like clay takes on the mould it is formed after.
Don’t let your heart be conditioned to the shape of the problem.
No money? Someone walked out on you? Your own brothers sold you and threw you under the bus? Your life is not over!
Enlarge your heart to the promise.
It will ultimately come to pass.
Stay with the promise!

Begin to actively monitor your ear/eye gates and your contemplations.

-I am born of God. Therefore, I have overcome the world and my life is reflective of my heritage in Christ. I live from the promise.
-I have received the spirit of seeing and knowing so my perspective to life is right. I see well, I hear well and I interpret well.
-I refuse to yield to the influence of other interpretations that are contrary to the promise.
-I discipline myself to cultivate the habit of surrounding myself with the promise.
-God’s love for me is proof that my hope cannot be disappointed.
-My heart has taken the shape of the promise like mirror reflection.
-Because Christ has qualified me for all of God’s promises, I have a constant expectation of good!
-Today, I enjoy daily benefits and testimonies abound for me because the Gospel works. Hallelujah!

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