The Anointed

The Anointed
June 10, 2018 Blog Admin
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The Anointed with Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

Victory isn’t marked when you get what you are seeking, its marked when you can still stand strong and maintain faith. The object of our faith is God not on what He says He will do.
-Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

Every vision that you have and God delivers in your spirit can come to pass and will come to pass.
-Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

I have a very brief word to share today from a very familiar scripture we’ve all read, memorized growing up. Psalms 23:1-6
As gisty as this conversation will be, it’s also going to be prophetic and we will key into the Spirit to make declarations.

Lets begin from verse 1, we’ve been well taught in this house that when we read scriptures, especially the old testament, that we have to read from the perspective of Christ. We interprete from a standpoint of who Christ is and so your interpretation of your life has to be tinged or coloured by this.

I shall not want.

What it means to want is to be in need of something so when scripture says you won’t be in need, because God is your shepherd, that’s powerful. What a powerful scripture! I receive and claim that in my life. Let God be true and everything else be a lie.
You know when someone tries to introduce the president, he does so with adulation but the child of the president sees him as his father, he is his dad, not the president. It’s personal.
So when David says, “The Lord is my shepherd”, he’s saying that the one you call that exalted name is my shepherd.
Psalms 22:28.
David was a shepherd boy, so you can see the revelation of God to David in relation to his endeavour when he says the Lord is his shepherd.

I want you to see the tenses here. God is the one making you lie down in green pastures, He wants you to do well, He’s interested in your well being.
He will lead you to places where it’s still.
Someone said every time God led you in this scripture, it was something good but when you decided to go on your own, it was the valley of shadow of death. Lol
Verse 5 says He prepares a table for you. It is God who has prepared a table and it’s the table of grace for you, so don’t go and eat from the law or drink from the waters that the law-givers have dug. You must be careful with what you hear because you are what you eat.

Baal was not just an idol, he was a mean, demon spirit, who operates by taking something from you before giving you anything or passing what you give through the fire first. That’s not how God rolls, He doesn’t teach you management or accountability by starving you first before giving you abundance. When you are raising your kids, don’t make them feel a sense of lack.
There is a difference between teaching them contentment and teaching them accountability from starvation.
God over-gardened the garden of Eden, He stuffed the garden and then told Adam to maintain. So maintenance comes after abundance.
Scripture says, “God has given us all things richly to enjoy.”
The story of the prodigal son is not actually an account of a prodigal son but a prodigal father. If you look at the real sense of it, the father was wasteful, because according to the picture Jesus was trying to paint, the father knew the boy was going to squander his possessions and still gave him when he asked. And when the boy came to himself, he still gave the fatted calf to celebrate the same son who had wasted and squandered.
God is not interested in your suffering.
Poverty is not a tool of God to show you how to stand in the faith. He became poor so that you might become rich. So God wants you to do well.
Eat from the recommended table.

I’m anointed.

I want you to understand that the anointing is not a difficult search, we don’t have to go through things to get the anointing.
First, let me debunk the idea that it’s not your anointing. in the old testament, before the anointing, there is the stirring of blood and it’s put on specific parts of the body of the priest before the oil comes. So it’s not your anointing, lest you begin to think that there is something you have to do to get the anointing.

1 Corinthians 1:21; He has anointed us. It’s past tense. You see many people go on a wild goose chase seeking for the anointing and years go by while they are waiting for a launching into the anointing. I will use scripture to teach you that you are already anointed. You may not feel the anointing or feel anointed but you are anointed.
Do you always wake up and feel like a believer?
This will deliver you from the mindset that when you see an opportunity to exercise your authority, you first go to charge up your anointing. You don’t have to fast for three days to get the anointing. No, anointed people fast for three days.
There’s a difference between when as a marketer, you’ve been told that there’s a commission for every client you bring and when you’re told that you will be paid seven years in advance, with a house in Dubai. The way one works will be different from the other.

I’m anointed!

Another idea I want to debunk is this, it’s not your head that was anointed, it’s the Head. Colossians 1:18; Christ is the Head and we are the body.
Ephesians 1:22.
So we’ve established that Christ is the Head. There’s the individual man, Jesus and the corporate man Jesus who is the head and we are the body.
So when David says, “You’ve anointed my head with oil”, the point is the oil does not stay on the head.
Psalm 133:1,2 says it runs down from the head to the beard to the garment.
So if it’s not your blood or the oil, then it’s not your anointing. But because the Head, Christ is anointed, by virtue of that, you are anointed.
When we say your Head is anointed, we are not referring to your bald head or hair-do.

My Head is anointed!
Your Head is anointed!

Christ is the Head and we are the body, the point is that the oil doesn’t stay on the head, it comes down to the body. Whatever the Head is called, the body is as well.
The corporate man is not a monster, it doesn’t have two heads, He is called something, if the head is anointed and blessed, the body is blessed and anointed, if the head cannot be defeated, the body cannot be defeated.
We who are the body need to align our realities to that of the head. Don’t allow your emotions push you to speak and run your life wrongly.
Allow your moth say what the state of the head is. Never speak what your body is experiencing because what controls the body is the head. So we must always align our realities to that of the head.
Ephesians 4:13-15. Make sure you grow up.
The realities of your experience is not as true as that of the head so deliberately aligning your realities to the head is growing up. Babies talk from a place that is not the head but those who are mature and not tossed from place to place speak from the state of the head.
So I superimpose my realities with the realities of the Head.
Never see yourself separated from the Head.

My Head is anointed!

You can grow up into the Head because you are connected.
The Head is not down. I am not down.
The Head is joyful. I am joyful.
So growing up is saying what you are. Scripture says to say you are strong. It’s not a lie in our kingdom, the weak says that because the head is strong.

I am blessed!

Psalms 23:5; The word, “cup” here, means moneybag and the reason why it runs over is because its responding to the oil. In our kingdom, we don’t discount the place of work or tolerate laziness but we don’t put a hinge on what our profit is.
Jacob says the Lord his God brought it to him. So you will make money in ways your hands can’t explain.

2 Corinthians 5:17; Christ means the anointed one and so scripture says if you are in the anointed, you’re not just anointed, you are in the anointed, your life is hid in Christ and Christ in God.

I’m in the anointed!

Do you know how long you’ve been in Christ? From the foundations of the world. So you are hid in Christ and can’t be seen as you anymore.

I’m dangerously anointed.

The Shepherd has settled our money problem.
In this kingdom, we don’t have money problems. I want you to re-align your realities.
You need to wire the way you are thinking in your mind by being grounded in the teaching of righteousness. 2 Timothy 3:16;

Hebrews 12:5-7; There is a difference between correction and training. Correction is making you not repeat something that is wrong while training is preparing you to attain a mark or standard.
When God is dealing with you, He’s training you and He’s training you with the instrument of righteousness.
It’s possible Peter was running from the call of God upon his life. But when Jesus saw Peter, He orchestrated a miracle of abundance for him such that his nets couldn’t even take it all. And we see that Peter left all and followed Jesus.
The abundance is what precedes the call. It’s not God who killed your children or caused your business to fail. That’s not God. I hope we know Job didn’t read the book of Job. From retrospect, we know that when he said, “The lord gives and the Lord takes”, it wasn’t God who took, it was Satan who did.
Every statement in scripture is a statement of truth but not necessarily a true statement.

So when the abundance comes before, you will see that there could be more in the path of obedience. That’s who God is.

God’s throne is the throne of grace and His scepter, the scepter of righteousness, all scripture is in the scepter of righteousness. Hebrews 1:6-8; The scepter in which this kingdom we are in, operates, is the scepter of righteousness. So you must be grounded in the conversation of righteousness. Scripture says if you are unskilled in the word of righteousness, you are still a babe. Hebrews 5:13
When we say you are righteous, we are not saying do what you want, we are saying be who you are. Don’t teach righteousness if there is no nature of righteousness.
God’s throne is grace and so we can come boldly but the way God rules is by righteousness.

In Psalm 23:5, it says your head is anointed with oil and so your money bag runs over but we see in Hebrews 1:10; that the oil increases because of the conversation of righteousness. The consciousness of my righteousness in Christ is the reason why my money bag flows. You will succeed in Christ because of who you are in Christ. That’s where you stand.
We reign by righteousness. We occupy the place we are placed in with the instruments of righteousness.
Anybody who doubts who he is has already lost.
There is therefore now no more condemnation for those who are in the anointing. So don’t condemn yourself.

I am righteous.

Your money bag will run over.

May your life be orchestrated by the abilities of His life in you.