Money Talks 6.0

Money Talks 6.0
April 25, 2018 Blog Admin
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Money Talks! 6.0 with Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

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God is doing amazing things in our midst. How many of you saw my message yesterday, to write down the vision? And for those of you who are already in the vision, to revisit, reevaluate what you are to achieve and write down the next step. How many of you did that? Is there anyone who is willing to share?
Your vision cannot be personal because it is meant to be fulfilled to/for your generation. There is nothing personal about your vision, your vision is about people, right?

Were you blessed on Sunday? We talked about four economies, as reflections from the creation story; The Economy of Nature, The Economy of Man, The Economy of Evaluation and The Economy of Rest. Awesome!
I have found that a lot of people start knowing or understanding the economy of nature, you know what God has placed on the inside of you but they get stuck in the process of moving to the economy of Man and then to Evaluation and then to Rest, so there’s a loss in transition but it’s necessary that we are able to sharpen our skill.

It’s important that your work and your job merge. What do i mean? Your work is not your job, i said this earlier. Your job is what you are paid to do but your work is what you are called to do.
You go to your job or you go out on a job, you get into the car, drive and you are on your way to the job but work is who you are. Everything that is natural to you is your work. For example, the birds that fly, that is their work because it is natural to them to fly, the fish in the sea that swim, that’s their work because it is natural for them to swim. So, what is your work?

Your work definitely, is not necessarily your job or what you are paid to do but i want to say something, let your work eventually become your job. You know why i say so? Many people are stuck in understanding the dynamics of what they are called to do and not able to generate revenue from what they are called to do so if your work can pay you, then that means you are getting this class well. So you must get to a point where your work can feed you so that you don’t run into frustration because you are fulfilling the master’s purpose. Have you seen many talented people who have to survive on another’s person vision? That’s what i’m saying. Eventually, your work should become your job.

So today, we are going to talk about Vision. Glory to God!

Before we delve into the subject of vision, the first thing God gave Adam was work. He gave Adam work before he gave him wife. Is that correct?

I want to say this to many of us, please don’t let your age eventually surprise you because youth goes very quick. I tell you the truth. It was just a few minutes ago, i clocked 30 and now. Some people think they can stop age from coming.
You cannot rebuke age, do you understand? It will not work. May next year not come around back and find you in the same spot. That’s a real prayer.
There is an old man inside you hoping that your youth will catch something because that old man inside you is who you are growing up to become and he is hoping you have some sense today. Have you seen many old people that don’t fulfil purpose? There is one thing that is common with them; Bitterness.
If you’ve been around them. Now, i respect elderly people, i value them, i regard them, i don’t despise old people. No, it is not in my culture to do so. Once i perceive that you are older than me, i will give you all the respect that i have.
Do you remember one time i taught you that in TSP, that you must learn to be respectful of people? Because the millennials of today don’t understand respect and that’s the reason why you can;t deal with elderly people in your office. So the fact that you are a step higher than an elderly person doesn’t mean you should be rude to him. Is that not so?
Saying “Good morning sir” will not twist your head. It doesn’t take away anything from you but there are old people that are bitter today because they have not fulfilled purpose and that frustration is contagious. You don’t want to have children tomorrow and because of the frustration of not fulfilling your own purpose, you end up passing that frustration to your own children. I’m looking at some of you here and some of you may have been at one time or the other or you are currently a victim of the frustration of elderly people you grew up with. It might be your parents, it might be your uncles but their frustration of the lack of vision rest upon you and that’s the reason why you grew up in a certain way.

Principles don’t work based on instruction for a child, principles are established in a child by what the child sees, so the child naturally forms principles in his head not because you told him, “This is a principle” but he begins to run with a principle from what he is seeing. Some of you got the wrong principles from a frustrated father or mother. You must learn how to detach yourself from that, not be bitter and move on with the right philosophies of life. Very key! Glory to God!

We can’t talk about vision without purpose, because if you start vision out without purpose, you would be a successful misfit. If you look around you today, there are many people in the world that are successful but necessarily in the place of purpose. So how do you now judge success? Success is not judged by how much you have, success is not judged by how comfortable you are or by what you can afford. Success is judged by what you were asked to do and what you were called to do.

“For we are His workmanship in Christ Jesus…”
Ephesians 2:10; “…created unto good works, which He prepared beforehand, that we should walk in it”.
I’ve got a question for you, which one came first to the earth? The work or the man? Which one showed up first, here? The work.
Did you show up and then God started looking for what to give you to do? Was there a work set aside for you before you came? So let’s put it this way, that anybody who is born, is born because of the work. If there is no work for you, you will not be born.

I’m trying to get anyone who’s that they don’t think they have a purpose. No, everybody does. There’s a deliberateness about your life. we may not all look or appear the same but there is something deliberate about everybody.

In Genesis 2:7; Scripture says the Lord put Adam in Eden. Adam was meant to be in Eden. Eden actually means an environment, not necessarily a geographical place. it means a spot, it means a moment, it means a presence, it means a delightful place so man is meant to function in a kind of environment. You have your environment. There is an environment for you to function and it is a delightful spot because it is until you are there, everything about you will not find expressions. I’ve been in a place before and i knew that i wasn’t supposed to be there. So you were created by God to live in Eden. You have to know that. Eden is not the old testament or the scenario that we have with Adam, here but Eden is the delightful spot. There is a place where you grow, an environment for you. There is a place where if you were there, everything begins to function at optimal capacity. You have to find it.

When i say you have to find it, i’m not trying to say its’s some far-fetched pursuit that you have to embark on because the truth is, God put man in Eden.

Now catch this; God has put Eden in you. That place you’re meant to function at optimal capacity is inside you.
You’re carrying Eden, that’s why it doesn’t matter where God sends you because some people are naturally looking for where blossoms are and want to fix themselves there. You know what you’re going to do? If you do that, you’ll get trapped by the expectation of the society, what the society has designed to mean successful but Eden is in you.

Let me summarize this point by saying this; if God sends you to Zamfara, because Eden is in you, Zamfara became a delightful spot. I know you probably just said, “I reject it” . Lol. But i want you to know that location does not determine your destiny. but your allocation determines your destiny because your allocation is what determines your location. what is inside you is Eden so in simple terms, your environment already exists. You are not looking for it, it already exists.

I hope you know work was given to man before the fall? Therefore, work is not a curse.
There are some people who don’t know the ethics of the rigors of what comes with fulfilling vision. To fulfill destiny and vision and purpose, you must be a hard worker. You cannot be lazy and fulfill purpose. Do you know what Jesus kept saying? “I have come to do the work of which my father has sent me to do”. “The work i do is the work my father has sent me to do.”
He kept saying that.
So work is not a curse. We can differentiate between working and toiling. It’s not the same.

You are not meant to go to work. You are meant to manifest work because work is Eden. Work is not where you go, work is who you are becoming. That’s why you can’t talk about vision and talk about who you are becoming. Work has to be about who you are becoming, so what you can do, in the last ten years or five years, look at the patterns of your life and ask yourself, who am i becoming? And measure if you are really working or not.

I already know my work but my life years expresses what i already know my work is, because i can see the story narrated in time. So you might know, but if time is not manifesting it, then you’re probably not making any progress or you might be in incubation and the progress you know in your spirit, is going on still, based on preparation and not yet manifestation. So it’s important to find work because work is the source of your vision.

What is Vision? Vision is purpose in pictures.

I found out that many people are actually trapped in the job rather than in the place of fulfilling vision. Look, don’t be trapped in the job. See, the fact that you are good at something doesn’t mean that’s your purpose.
May i give you an example with scripture?
I’m an example of a man who beyond the fears and the frailties of my mind, launched out into purpose at the age of 29. Sometimes, the best people to talk about vision are those whom you can relate with. Yes, i believe in listening to someone who has come very far in fulfilling their vision but i also like listening to someone who is not too far from where you are, can tell you the fears and the challenges.

I was telling someone that when i started church, i considered doing church in Bwari because my mind was too small to consider doing church here in town. That’s how much i was afraid, some people look at me and think that i am never afraid. I was!
I said to myself, all the big churches are here, what am i coming to do here? Let me go to Bwari and do my purpose there. Just one voice i heard changed my mind;
“Because of your fear, you launch out to do that there, how much do you think the people there can understand you?”
Because i really wanted to go into the thick village, that’s how scared i was. So on second thought, is aid to myself, let me do Gwarimpa. Gwarimpa and Bwari are not bad places, there are successful ministries in Bwari, Gwarimpa and all those places, i’m just sharing my struggles. So i got a hotel and they charged me a certain amount, the moment i left the hotel, i lost peace, because deep inside me, i knew that it was the city. I just knew.
One of the hardest things for me to do was to launch out at the time i did. It was the hardest thing in my whole life. I had N5,000 in my account, i had no house, my house was my car, my clothes were in the trunk, so anywhere, i was shuttling and houses.
So, i was in front of Pastor Sola’s house and then the Spirit of God said, “Look up!, you have gone round all the hotels, all the halls in this town, what about this big one in front of you?” And guess what i did? I moved straight there. When we got there, the lady said a church was already there and then i heard again, “If there is a church in the morning, what stops you from doing evening?” So Sunday evening wasn’t concept, it was condition. Lol. …that became a concept.
That’s what happens when you follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in the fulfillment of your vision. And then we stayed at it, we thought we were going to switch in a few months, we didn’t switch. We kept on it because that was the plan that God wanted us to work with, so people started calling from all parts of the country, great ministers, if i call their names, you know them. If i call their names, you know them, saying “Phil, how are you doing this thing? How is it working? Sunday evening, it’s hard” . And truly, Sunday evening is harder. Apart from those of you that are used to it.

Before we finish this thing, somebody is going to boldly walk into purpose!

Tobi runs an enterprise that part of it caters to the men. I waited for one year for a guy in TSP to do this and no one did. She runs a unisex salon. That’s brilliant! That’s a seed that will grow. It took confidence and courage to do that.

You are here on an assignment. You are not here to chill. You are here for work. You know what starts the work? Your birth. Your birth is because there was work to do.

Elisha was a man who was threshing and ploughing in the field but that was not his vision, it was his father’s vision. The moment he saw his purpose was when he got exposure to something higher. Elijah walked past and Elisha knew that this thing i am good at, is not meant for me. He left it and followed that man.
That ploughing there, can symbolize your job. Now, hear me clearly, i’m not saying resign from your job and be hungry. Paul the apostle was a tent maker even though that wasn’t amplified in scriptures.
He worked but the working was for the purpose of the vision and work until the point where your vision can sustain you. Don’t depend on your vision for your well-being or welfare, in its early stage. You’ll put too much weight on it and kill it. When TSP started, i wasn’t taking from church, i was giving to church because i had to go look for a job.

Let me just chip this in; some people don’t understand the place of losing their pride in the starting of vision. When you start your vision, it will cost you your pride. You know why i’m saying so? There is a status to which your job gives you now but your work doesn’t offer you that status. You’re a big man, you are paid 200k, you have a car but your vision is zero level, zero-k. Don’t bring the mentality of a 200k life to a zero-k vision. If not, you will be too big to start.
You see that seemingly annoying thing when people stop you on the road to market their services and it’s as though, they are the ones who don’t have anything doing and we who have a job or something doing are the responsible ones? The reverse is the case, they are actually the responsible ones.

See! Don’t let your job offer you a status that you are too proud to begin your vision with. So it must cost you your pride. Elisha was a very big boy when he was ploughing in the field, his father had a big field and he became good at it. Jesus was a carpenter…may i tell you something? Through ploughing of field, Elisha will not have been able to deliver Israel. It is only through the ministry of the prophet. Vision.

You can’t deliver your nation on what you do in your job if it is not your work. It has to be your work before you deliver your nation. At a point. Jesus will leave carpentry and stay on the work to deliver his nation. At a point, Pastor Phil will leave Medicine, not entirely, and stay on his work to deliver his nation.
But you see the beginning process? Don’t be too proud.
If it will take you to do what is menial and receive the insults, the bashings from the people to whom your market is targeted at, take it and receive it. You might be insulted today but you will not continue to be insulted. So it will cost you your pride.

Find your worth in your work. Guys, don’t find your worth in a woman and that’s vice versa. Ladies, don’t find your worth in a man. Find your worth in work.
You know when you find your work, guys? Then you find a woman that is worth the work. I don’t mean to say it that way.
Find the work first, then you will know the woman to find.
Ladies, find the work first, and you will know the man that finds you, that is really the man. Work first.

Do you know when you’re in your work, yo feel important without approval? You don’t need anybody to approve you. When you are in your work, you are confident. It gives you a sense of security, even when you don’t have cash. I’m not talking to you as someone who is already there or has all the billions. I have it in Christ but i’m manifesting something.

Vision is painful.
Look, the fulfillment of vision will only happen through a birthing process, that’s the reason why the Bible describes it as a woman who is pregnant.
“As soon as Zion travails, then she brings forth her children, because the manifestation of vision is like child-bearing.

Men, let me just be very honest with you. You don’t know the pain that a woman feels. See, we can never know it o. There was a day i was driving to the clinic and i saw this pregnant woman walking this long stretch of road and i could tell that she was exhausted. Long story short, i gave her a lift, it wasn’t too long , her water broke and I witnessed the pain. I didn’t feel it but i saw it. That’s the way vision is.

Vision cannot be expressed by people who want to be comfortable. If you haven’t learned the ethics of being stretched, you can’t do vision. Remember we talked about the different economies and how some people are stuck between the economy of nature and the economy of man.
You know i hear some men complain that their wives are a little bit intimidating. know a woman naturally is a help-meet. She is meant to help you on a project. See, a man goes to a woman’s father’s house and tells the father, gibe me your daughter. You take the woman away from her bedroom, free food, free shelter, where her father is paying her bills, and then you bring her to your own house, to a place where there is no work. This is not a relationship seminar but you get my thrust.
So the woman who is naturally a help-meet, is not helping you, she will help herself. You know when scripture used the term, “weaker vessel” once, for the woman, it doesn’t mean in terms of strength but in terms of delicacy, frame so a help-meet is either as strong or stronger.

So women, you are not exempted from the place of fulfillment of purpose, because everybody is stretched. Man, you are stretched, woman, you are stretched in the birthing of vision. So, you see some men calling the wife, aggressive but it’s because they are jobless and you are looking at equipment and you are calling equipment, aggressive. Because everything in the woman is designed to help. Incubation.

Dr. Myles Munroe said that whatever you give the woman, she will multiply it. Have you heard him say it before? If you give her a seed, she will multiply it. If you give her a word, she will give you a statement. If you give her frustration, she will give you hell but if you give her peace, she will give you a home.

I was saying to someone that a woman is a dwelling place. When a man is going home, he’s not going to house, the home is the woman.

Can i tell you one great enemy of vision? Sight. One of the greatest enemies of vision is what you see.
What you see is a function of your eyes but Vision is a function of your heart.
Your heart is seeing what can be.
Your eyes see what is. You must know the difference because vision will contrast your present reality. If you have a vision and your vision is the same with where you are now, it is not a vision, it’s a nightmare.

Vision contradicts your eyes.
You are not created to live by your eyes. You are created to live by vision.
Anybody who doesn’t have vision will naturally return back to his past in ten years, because you will be on reverse motion but in your mind, you are not regressing, but do you know why you will be on reverse motion? When other people are progressing, relatively, you are regressing.

So if you don’t have a vision, what i’m saying is very key, if you don’t have a vision, youth will come so quick and pass you. When are you supposed to be on your grind? Is it when you are old? Don’t wait till you are old. Now is the time when you are strong, it’s a time to work.

Don’t pursue money, pursue vision because there is no vision without provision.
How do i know? This work. TSP.
The moment you put a project out there, scripture says, “Write the vision and make it plain, they who read it, will run with it”. See, there’s what we call the runners of vision. The runners will come run with your vision, not because of you but because of your vision.

You know what Jacob said about Benjamin? He said, “Benjamin will devour the prey in the morning and divide the spoil in the evening”. You know what the morning signifies? Youth!
So he was about to prophesy on his dying bed and he said Benjamin will devour the prey in the morning and in the evening, he will divide the spoil. If you don’t devour anything in the morning, there is nothing to divide in the evening. But this generation has it twisted, we want to divide the spoil now.

Look, vision is a birthing something. It’s something you birth. It’s not something that comes to you or just falls on you.

Devour it early!

Another thing vision will do is it will challenge your status quo. It will make you uncomfortable and uneasy about where you are now. You see people who are uneasy, there is something that is pushing them. Scripture says, “Woe to them who are at ease in Zion”.
The princes of this world are wiser if you are at ease.

Paul said, “I don’t consider myself to have arrived, but one thing i do, forgetting those things which are behind and pressing forward to those things which are ahead”.

Don’t compare yourself with anybody on this path of vision, even if you are in the same craft with your neighbour, it’s not the same path.

Mr. Daniel taught me something; nearness by approach and nearness by proximity. He said that nearness by physical closeness may not necessarily denote real nearness. Don’t be carried away by people who are with you now, that seem to be near by proximity but you who is near, outside you are near by approach. Whilst you are wishing to be like the person who seems to be near, he’s actually near but not there. So never you compare yourself with anyone on this subject of fulfilling purpose. Let every young man, every woman stay in the place of their calling.

Look, Dr. Megor was saying to me what she saw awhile ago while i was doing my housemanship and i didn’t realise it. Those were my brooding moments for the birth of TSP. If you saw me, you could tell that something was about to be born, you couldn’t miss it. Same for NYSC camp, i hardly partook in other activities and that’s why immediately i got out of camp, i started TSP. That’s a man who is pregnant with vision.

When i look at some of you, you know what i see? Comfort. Ease. You guys are chilling.
If you see someone who went to devour the prey in the morning, the person is ruffled with the activity of devouring the prey. We can’t be at ease o and expect things to fall on your lap in the evening. No sir!

Another thing vision will do, is it will incubate the future, make you pregnant. A pregnant woman knows that she is pregnant and she feels the baby. Know another thing about a pregnant woman? The baby grows. You know what the Bible says about Elizabeth and Mary? That when Elizabeth saw Mary, the babe in her womb leaped. There are vision-inspirers and vision-aborters.
Now some theologians believed the foetus was dead because until at that point, she hadn’t experienced what is called “quickening” in Medicine, which should happen in the first few weeks of conception.

So there are two key things to take to heart;

1. God: Don’t have a vision that doesn’t put kingdom in perspective. Your vision must be tied to kingdom expansion.
The question to ask yourself should always be; what’s the connection between my vision and kingdom?

If there is no God in it, you’re lost in bearing. Eden is an atmosphere.

2. Totality: I’ve seen some people do great and be successful with their vision but be drained in the area of family.
Whilst you’re planning for one, plan for all.
Make plans for the 5 important areas of your life: Family, Ministry, Career, Finance, Personal life.
Be all round. You should be able to excel in ministry and still take your wife to Dubai. Amen?

When God gives you a big picture, you don’t get there in one leap.

Where you are doesn’t determine where you will go. You don’t jump into vision. Vision is in steps. Don’t compare yourself with anyone else.
Some people are too distracted to be settled, to stay on the vision.

Philippians 1:15-18; Focus!

“I take heed to the ministry I have received of the Lord that I my fulfill it”. Colossians 4:17

And please, if it doesn’t work, please try something else but just be doing something.

You receive and then you fulfil. It’s your responsibility to fulfil what you have received. Find a way and do it. Stop waiting for a voice. There has to be a way. There’s always a way.

You’re on your path to greatness. Don’t let distraction or emotional breakdown stop you. Don’t let cashlesness or depression or heartbreak or past failures stop you.
Keep moving!

You have to learn to be immovable. Some of you have to adopt this stance. You can’t afford to be moved by these things.

Abraham Lincoln was a man of many failures before he became president.
If you stop yourself, you’ve succeeded in killing the vision.

You need inner strength. I was telling Pastor iDeal how that energy comes from several sources and that your energy source cannot only be from your passion because passion consumes your energy without knowing.
On the path to greatness, there are moments like this where you burn out so there has to be something driving you.

Success doesn’t feel successful because of what it takes to get there. You may have become numb to it. So whilst you deserve an accolade, when it comes, you may not even need it. Lol.

I want you to be tough in the fulfilment of your purpose. Some of you need knowledge, skill. Go and sharpen that natural gift. How can you be called to a craft you haven’t studied?

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like an eagle.
Draw strength from the place of prayer or you’ll get tired. You are rising high not because of the flapping of your wings but because of waiting on the Lord.

The mountains break because of your shout of “Grace!”

We are on the top.
I will fulfill purpose and vision.
I am coming into the new.
There is nothing stopping you again. No more fear, no more condemnation, no more limits!
I push you to your next level!
Move forward to your next level!

Thank you for reading. These words are coming alive in your spirits and causing a supply of supernatural energy to run in pursuit of the hope of God’s calling and to execute the blueprint.
God bless you.