Jesus is Enough

Jesus is Enough
April 29, 2018 Blog Admin
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Jesus is Enough with Rev. Chima Ochemba

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Jesus is enough. When somebody was saying something, the guy with the brown eyes, Walter was saying that he fell into pieces to make me whole.
Sorry to tweak it a little, but when He fell into pieces, one piece was me.
He fell into pieces so I could emerge. I’m a result of the fact that He fell. Scripture says when a grain of wheat is buried, it doesn’t abide alone, it springs up as many fruits.
So what was a splatter was actually an emergence.

Church is not to give options to Christ. It’s to make Him the option and then customise every situation and expression to Him.

When we received everlasting life, it’s not longevity, it’s not how long you live, it’s the absolute elimination of death in a man’s life. At every point in time, we cannot die, even if we try, because the power of sin and death is broken.

In Romans, scripture speaks about the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set us free from sin and death. Everlasting life is a robust kind of life that ensures the enemy has no place around.

When we speak about wholeness, it’s not good house, good cars, getting married and have multiple children. But amazingly, we have reduced the work to provisions. If Jesus does nothing more for us, what He has done is enough to make you remain faithful.

Someone asked me today, “Why is God delaying?”. I asked her, “Has there been anything you’ve prayed for, that God has answered?”. She said yes so I asked her why she couldn’t trust Him to answer this one.
You cannot command God to step out of His place. The love the Father has for you helps Him make difficult choices. When my children began to come, the love of the Father became more real to me.
The love that I have for him will make me not give him the car to drive, even if I look stingy.
The other day, he asked me, when it would be his turn to drive. He’s not even 6 yet. And i told him very soon. Lol.

So like me, God looks at my life. There’s nothing that will happen that will make Him say, “Jesus!” or exclaim in helplessness.
He knows the end from the beginning. He understands the end. You know how you suffered the pain of a broken relationship the kind that can kill, in fact, not even kill you but ruin you, so you are here but not present. How many of us know a person who is so lively and full of life, that when she comes in, she lights up the place and then she meets and marries NEPA and suddenly we don’t see her again, it’s like her light begins to fluctuate or is cut short.

The love of God helps Him make tough decisions to break your heart for your good.

The lady who sang the song about the reckless love of God. The song says He is kicking down walls and tearing down lies, coming after you.
Some of you are standing behind the wall and God is tearing the wall down but you are saying, God is delaying and you’re trying to run and climb another wall.
We need to trust Him enough to stand still.

One of my best scriptures is John 3:16. As regular as it is, it’s powerful.
“For God so loved…..the greatest word there is “so”.”
It talks about the degree of His love. He loved us so much that He killed Himself for us.
Bad idea. I wouldn’t do that for you. We sing about this but I won’t catch a grenade for you. When we see the grenade coming, we will know whether you really loved.

So He paid the price for our sins. He bought us by His blood and still asks us everyday, “Would we marry Him?”.

If we can trust the love of the Father for God commended His love towards us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us

If your sins could not stop the atonement, your mistakes cannot delete the righteousness.
Have you ever paid for something you haven’t taken or paid for lunch for someone that he hasn’t eaten?
Does it mean the lunch is no longer available?

So in righteousness, once you receive, it’s called obtain.
It’s a gift. You are given. You are not righteous because of what you did, you are righteous because someone ordered the gift and installed it for you.
Even if there’s a virus on the ssytem, it does not delete the app.

See how we use similar physical things to explain spiritual mysteries? That’s what Jesus did. He would say, “The kingdom of God is like a….”. If Jesus was here now, do you think He would say the Kingdom of God is like a seed? No, He would liken it to

So we must understand the extent to which God loves us. We had a teaching on Spiritual maturity a short while ago in church and a lady felt that God was calling her to minister to lunatics. And she did and after that, the lunatic person she prayed for, pursued her in the dream for three days. And I told her that the problem was not knowing who you are.
Know who you are in your dream o. That you are loved.

Have you ever seen a child who knows the Father loves him?
The truth about this is that we don’t know that the love of the Father is enough.
When you see a child that knows the Father loves her, she takes advantage of it.

One of the major assignments of parenting is to build confidence in the heart of your children. Nobody dares mess with my children. I took one hour off work the other day to set someone straight about how to treat my child. And I can imagine that the next day, while walking to the assembly ground, it was like the walk of the Avengers. Lol!

God loves me.

Tell yourself that 5 times. It puts a confidence in you. When Jesus brought Lazarus back to life, He said, “Father, i thank you because you always hear me.”

What are you doing with your knowledge of God’s love?

The love of God for you is more than your mind can hold. How can somebody love you and kill himself for you? It’s serious love.

I was talking to my second son, who is a sensation. He knows that he is a superstar. He was even telling his baby sister about the fact that he is a cool guy. When you walk into my house, he sees you as someone who has come to be of service to him. So he’s like, “could you please take the plate to the kitchen?”.
The other day, I wanted to watch TV and I asked them both to go to another room, that i wanted to watch the TV. They refused and reminded me that the TV was not mine as I thought but for all of us. And since i had been teaching them the right thing, I just kept calm.

It’s not what you know. It’s what you’re doing with what you’re doing. If not, you’ll be a professor of the new testament.
When you preach, you would say, stuff like;
“We have been liberated out of darkness into light, the word, light there means apocalypto and then you ginosko it and when you do, you now lambano it.”

After all that, what happens on Monday? Because the word in you is tested consistently.
How are you responding based on wjat2 you know?

They are pursuing you in your dream. You nor dey shame? Who sleep the sleep? Did you take drugs? Who get the bed? Who pay the rent or buld the house?

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life
John 3:16

The life you have is a superior quality of life.
It’s a life that cannot spoil. It comes with a confidence and assurance.

Recently I’ve had so much on my tray financially, so much it looked like a harvest of bills. I’ve been wondering if I prayed for bills, “Father, send me bills”.
So i had to refuse to walk in demands. I live by the supply.
So i wake up in the morning and all i’m saying is, “All my needs are met” .
“I receive supplies today.”
And one after the other, the list keeps dropping.
They are still many but there is a supply for all of them.

If you’re looking for a reason to be sad, you don’t need to pray but the love of God is greater.

When I think about the love of God. I think He loves me more. Every child that draws from the revelation of the Father, earns more. Its a revelational thing because at every point, He always wants to prove that He loves you more than you think.

Romans 8:32.

Have you ever wondered why Paul ends his epistles with the prayers he did?
The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit rest and abide with us.
These are assets for the believer! It’s not closing prayer. If this one is with you, you are sorted.
So when I wake up in the morning, I leverage on the love of God.

How many of you have parents that you know love you? Not general love, more like a soft spot.
My children know that I love them so they don’t take it for granted, they blackmail me.

This training thing, how far? You say a child has long throat, if your child can’t take food off your plate, whose will they take from?
They know that their father loves them. They know i love them too much to deprive them of plantain.

Everything God deprives you of, is for your good. Some of us are looking for a job that God doesn’t want for you. Some of us are applying for jobs when God wants us to start a business with the gifts He has given us.

The truth is, God loves you.

God loves you.

Awhile ago, a friend wanted me to travel all the way to Okada from Benin to give a gift to a girl he was in love with. And the gift was a biro. A biro!!! If something happened to me while I was enroute, what would I tell my father?
The only problem was that he was in love.
That’s exactly where God was.
He says, “I will come down from heaven, put my life in danger, it’s only He didn’t give us pen, He gave us His life.”

How many of you have done stupid things because you were in love?

And you know that God didn’t just love you. God loves you.
And there is nothing you’ll do that will stop Him from loving you.
My children cannot conquer my love for them. So you know children love to watch cartoon in motion? That’s when it’s most exciting for them. And when they are climbing, you keep admonishing them to quit climbing and sit. Unfortunately, they don’t listen. The next thing you hear is the sound of a great fall, what’s my first thought? I told you so? No, my first thought is to see if the leg is still there. And then we are sure it’s still there, we can correct.

That’s what happens when we fall. God us not looking to tell you, “I told you so.
You see, the way we received the….in fact, it’s not the gospel because the gospel didn’t change but the way we got the preaching when we were younger is that God was looking at us, laughing giddily and saying, “All will sin”.
“I smell fornication..its about to happen”.
And then when you fall, He shouts “Yeah!” and then on Monday, you have Malaria as a consequence. And when you meet the Pastor, he can sense that you were up to something on Saturday.

All of you have been kept by the love of God. I’ve had struggles in my life that God stepped in and squared it for me. You can’t ever, stay righteous by what you do.
And we are not ashamed to say that we don’t struggle because if we say that we have no sin, we make God a liar and the truth is not in us. How can we say we have sin if the truth is in us? It’s because the truth in us is potent enough to cleanse us.

I’ve overcome a lot of things I used to struggle with. If I told you some, you’ll exclaim. But Jesus and His blood was sufficient. I can’t boast to you that it was 41 hours of separation with the Lord.
Some of us will never bury our heads between our knees yet God knows why He called us

The greatest joy I have is that God loves me. It’s the only thing I have. One day, I was standing in Ojota, Lagos, with only a thousand, five hundred naira in my pocket and it was raining and the phone number of the person who invited me, was switched off. At that point, all the Nigerian movies were playing in my head.
But I said to God, “I cannot be stranded”.
And then somebody who was on the bus with me, turned back, it’s a dual carriage way and came to pick me up because he said he felt he should turn back and that’s how he gave me a place to stay for the night.

The only asset I have in my life is that God loves me. My entire life is a show of God’s love to me.
Whether or not you take advantage of it, I know.
The love of God can take you to places you don’t deserve.

See, my son knows that part of my responsibility is to buy him something when i return from work. Na my work be that.
He doesn’t care if I’m in the mood for chin-chin.
What do you think drives it? It’s a revelation of the love.

Some of us need to move up to a point where like little children we can let go. We can’t determine how much we want to hustle for ourselves and then the remainder we want to leave with God to take care of.

Listen, I’m not my responsibility. I was by myself, He came and died for me. I didn’t beg. Now He has died for me, and I know He loves me, so this love, we die here.

The only thing happening between is that somebody loves and somebody is taking advantage.
He said, “Ask of me and I’ll give you the nations as an inheritance”
The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof.
Why do you think He was bragging? Is it for nothing? We all draw from God.

He said; Psalm 2:7-8(MSG)
“Ask of me, I’ll give you the heathen.”
He is saying, ask of me and I’ll give you Ghana and add Benin republic or Italy if you like.”

And all these things are hinged on the love of God.
What are the things you’ve been doing by yourself, let the love of God help you.
Think we are reducing God to petty things? Yes, that’s what love does.

There’s a song that say, “Oh what peace we often forfeit, oh what needless pain we bear, all because we do not carry everything to God.”

Have you ever been frustrated because you want to help someone but they don’t open up for you to come in?

He loves you like that!

God loves you as you are to make you better. You don’t need to be more handsome or made up or be serious. God is already serious with you. Just take advantage of His seriousness.

Yes, Jesus loves me.
Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
The Bible tells me so.

Thank you for reading. May the revelation of the eternal love of God for you, cause you to experience the WHOLEness that has been gained for you.

We love you!❤