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R.I.S.E.N With Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

You know why i say you should rejoice? The tomb is empty now. After three days, it couldn’t hold Jesus anymore. That means that nothing can hold you down.

We are just going to gist the word today.

The word blessing is one of those words in the scriptures that has been downplayed and has lost its real meaning.

Er, what other example can I give?
To be gay is just a sin. There’s a lot of anger from we believers towards some kinds or categories of sin like rape, molestation etc but the truth is, sin is sin. In the eyes of God, it’s all sin.
Those who lie, have a place in hell. I mean those who lie as a nature not by action

To many of us, to be gay is more than just sin. It’s an aberration. Especially for those of us in this part of the world.
You know, being gay didn’t start today, it started in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Remember when the angels came and wanted to destroy the city? The men of the city wanted to have relations with the angels. That’s deep gay. Lol.

Now, culture wants to change the meaning of the word and diffuse the significance of it into something that has no meaning. So therefore, when you talk about marriage, it’s no longer the union between man and woman but a union between two individuals of the same sex.

See, I don’t have a problem with gay staying as sin, that way, we know what we are dealing with.
When words begin to lose the power of their imagery or picture, that’s Satan’s idea.
Such that you now have to take into consideration other prevalent ideas of what marriage could mean. You have to now ask if the union is between a man and woman or individuals of the same sex.

The word, marriage is a Bible word. It started from Genesis. The stripping of the word, marriage started with the introduction of a concept that makes it lose its power so that marriage no longer means what God intended it to be but what man has designed it to be.

Let us leave the word, marriage alone. It’s losing its power in the 21st century. It’s the same way the word, blessing is losing the import of what it means in the scripture.

Do you know that the word, curse has more picture power in our minds than the word, blessing does?
If I say to you, “I curse you”. Your response would be a resounding “God forbid!” . But if I say, “I bless you” , it’s a lacklustre “Amen” response I’d get.

Whilst cursing is going in a different direction, it not still as powerful as the word, blessing .

So when we say, you’re blessed, we have to learn to receive prophetic acts.
A blessing can be added on a curse. That is, you can bless a person who is cursed but you can’t curse a person who is blessed.

You know Jacob cursed Reuben, his son but when Moses was speaking to Him, he reversed the curse?
Deuteronomy 33:6

So when God blessed you, see Ephesians 1:3;
You know if for instance, a woman comes to church and drunkenly makes a vow, the actual fact is that her husband can annul it? That’s scripture. If she’s under her father, her father can also rise to anull it.
Look! Your father has blessed you. Your husband, Christ has blessed you. Ephesians 1:3

This message is dedicated to anyone afraid of a curse. There’s no curse following you. The only thing following you is a principal blessing. If you’ve been cursed before, just know that if any man is in Christ, old things are annulled. You have changed blood lines. You are now in Christ.

When people say a word of cursing to people, just imagine it is a cup from the well thrown at you. There has to be a bank or reservoir to support what was spoken as a curse.

There’s no curse without a cause. Proverbs 26:2; A curse cannot land on you if it’s not from a cause. The question of whether the curse was directed at you is true and if you’re a man of the Spirit, don’t be ignorant of machinations and attacks being launched at you from the enemy, because if Jesus did, you will too. You can’t say you’re attack free because you’re a new creation.
So you will go through attacks but the attack can’t rest on you.

See NLT translation of Proverbsv 26:2

No curse is sitting on me.

Shout out to anyone who thinks somehow is wrong with him/her.
Sir/Ma, there’s nothing wrong with you! No curse can sit or land on you.
It was like a cup from the well and we have changed wells.

There has to be a cause. It has to be deserving.

Did you know that your actions are not the only reason for a curse? There’s already a primary curse on the unbeliever. It’s called sin and death. It’s the bank from where every curse thrown at the unbeliever is drawn from. That’s why many people don’t know what Jesus did for us on the cross.

The primary account is sin and death, that’s why scripture says, ….the wages of sin is death . It was a conversation of nature not action.

Romans 5:15; Before you came to Christ, you were actually dying. So without your actions, you were already on the way down.
See verse 17; If by the one man, Adam, death reigned, much more does grace abound by the sacrifice of Christ.
Without our actions, there was a parent curse of the bank of sin and death and so somebody needed to pay for it. We thank God for what Jesus did on the cross.

So, now that you’re saved and there’s a curse for example, the reason why the curse cannot stay is because the parent curse is no longer there.

2 Corinthians 5:17

So you’re blessed not because of what you did.

Genesis 27:17-2; What do you call Jacob’s response to Isaac when his father asked him who he was? A lie.
Now, keep that in mind.
He even lied with the name of God. And he had to sound confident so that he could be believed by his father.
In the end, Jacob got the blessing. It’s possible that Isaac could have blessed him but it wouldn’t rest because of the lie.
First point is, if a lie in the old testament could not stop a blessing, why do you think you need to do something before you get the blessing? Do you know that before they were born, there was a word that had gone on ahead that Esau would be rejected?

My brother, your righteousness was not because of what you did. Get that in your spirit first!
And if I tell you that you are blessed, no curse has a sitting place on it.
It’s like an ATM card, when you got saved and inserted the card, the response to that curse was Issuer switch inoperative or error in banking.

You don’t need permission to live the blessing

Why? Because the blessing is a principle already in operation for you. Have I told you that in the old testament, they couldn’t say Amen to the blessing? But we can.
Thanks be to God for what Jesus did. We are delivered.

How did Jesus deliver us?
Galatians 3:13
The curse is on the one who hangs on the tree.
P.iDeal and I were watching a documentary on the possible ways Jesus hung on the tree. There’s no comfortable position on the cross. Keep in mind first that his back was peeled from the stripes and then he’s held up against the old rugged cross. His media nerve was already exposed. Hmmm….it wasn’t pretty o.

That death was for a cursed person.
The Romans had perfected the art of torture for a criminal. He was crucified and segregated outside the city. He became an outcast so that you can become accepted.

Do you know the principle of adoption is so powerful, because you get to choose who you want? So the fact that God chose you and you’ve come into the fullness of adoption shows that God is so mindful of us.

Jeuss went through the suffering…such excruciating pain that limited the slightest movement and even breathing but He finished it alive.
When He made that declaration, It is finished! , He didn’t say it when He resurrected.
The conversation was settled before He died. So death was all about bringing the spoil.
He led captivity captive and projected Himself as the one whom all the types and shadows in scripture was referring to.
A shadow is only a proof that the substance is there.
In Hebrews 11:1; What Faith is talking about, is the man, Jesus. That scripture says, “Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”
Now we see the man, Jesus!

I John 1:1; “…that which our hands have handled….”

Colossians 2:14,15; Having spoiled principalities and powers, He made a spectacle of them, triumphing over them. The question was when did He do it?

Verse 14;
After He left the cross was not where He was fighting. He was just taking the spoil.

So this means the bank of sin and death is no longer there. If the wages of sin is death and somebody has paid the wages, it’s no longer there.So you can now say, the wages of sin is death, which Jesus died

Jesus has died the die for me.

Romans 8:1; Why will the scripture talk about condemnation? Because there’s a reason to condemn. By reason of the lie, Jacob shouldn’t have gotten the blessing but the blessing has been spoken already because you’re in Christ.
And guess what? You’re not blessed here, you’re blessed up there.

The law of sin and death is not there again. The bank has been shut down so there’s nothing to withdraw from.

So this is what Easter is. It’s not just the death of Jesus. It’s my death.
So let me tell you what I’m celebrating, I’m celebrating my resurrection.
Why do I say this? Scripture says you died with Him, were buried with him and rose with Him.

It’s my resurrection. It’s the message of inclusion. Everything that happened to Jesus happened to me too.


You’re blessed because of what He did. So when all these minor demons come to you and want to make withdrawals from that account of sin and death, in your head, it seems like you look alike, but the person who died is not the one who rose. You’re not just a forgiven sinner, you’re a new person.

It’s like the person who broke the pot and the owner says you must fix it and then someone comes and fixes the broken pot anew such that you can’t even tell where it broke.

God went behind time to change what the future would do and corrected it as if you never did it. That’s the powerful one.

One of the most potent scriptures about the gospel is 2 Corinthians 5:17;
What I did before passed away. No evidence exists that I did it.

Your status has changed. You’re not just forgiven.
Oh the beauties of redemption!

That’s why I said you don’t need permission to live the blessing, you can’t be attaching your qualification for the blessing to where you’re coming from. Do you know where Jesus is coming from too?

You cannot connect your path with your past. Old past has past. There is no connection between yesterday and tomorrow because of what the cross has done.

Mr. Adamu has changed address and there’s no evidence in the account of that transaction so when his creditors come looking for Mr. Adamu. The Kingdom of Heaven responds to their accusation by pointing to his grave. So the question now becomes, “Since Mr. Adamu is dead, how can we accuse Him?. Let’s look for the next of kin, for the living that we can prey on”

In the kingdom of darkness, the most dastardly disaster was the cross. To them, it’s like, people are hiding behind this cross who are in legitimate debt and saying they are free.

Romans 6:7; He that is dead is free from sin.

You are free from sin.

So, Happy Resurrection Sunday!

I’m free o!

So when we say Jesus died, was buried and resurrected, we know what we are talking about.

This is the hope of the gospel!

I’m a new being. I’m completely different. I’m BLESSED. I’m BLESSED of all people.

So go above El-Elyon if you dare, and curse me.

There’s nothing about you that disqualifies you for God’s best.
I’m not saying this to make you feel good. Only one price needed to be paid and that’s the price of the cross.

Bishop T.D Jakes preached a gospel on The bad boys and the God who loves them .
Am I saying, go and owe people because the blessing is on you? No, that’s foolishness.

We have an advocate. It’s not yours. The advocate is with our father.

You don’t know how difficult it is for you to go to hell or to fail as a believer.
This is what it means.
You know the reason why the Jews are where they are? They are there because they think they have the blessing. So the manifestation is as potent as the consciousness.

But you have the blessing and that seal is the Holy Spirit in you.

Hear me clearly;
You cannot fail.
You cannot be condemned.

Hebrews 12:2

So if there’s anything that stands against you, know that it holds no water because the blessing is on you.
Did you know that God does not send heaven? Some people are saying they want to go to heaven, but actually, in the scheme of the sovereign agenda of God, heaven is actually coming here. After the Rapture, we will return here for the millennium reign.

Enough flexing!

Look at Adam and Eve in the garden, in the cool of day, scripture says God will come down to fellowship with them. You know, as though God is saying, I want to fellowship with the ones I made in my image and for my pleasure, who have emotions. The angels are boring.

Friends, the reason why nothing can stop your progress or condemn you is because whatever stood against Jesus, whatever can condemn Jesus, was nullified by all the pain that Jesus bore for you.

So walk out of here knowing that you’re a new man.

Sin only slows you down and makes you believe you can’t partake of the blessing.

You are a believer o! Go and shine in your world.

The harder one is the forgiveness of your sin; the easy one is the healing of your body. Even though we jump and down about our forgiveness, it’s actually harder.
Cancer is easier. HIV is easier because it’s only a by-product transaction from the account of sin and death.
So if the root has been dealt with, it will show in the fruit. Your healing has been provided for.

This gospel has power inside it. All I need you to do is believe it. Once you do, it will explode in your spirit and produce healing in your body.
That’s why without the laying of hands, once you can picture what Christ did for you, you can receive healing, condemnation can lift off of your soul and you can walk out of here in victory.

It’s not really the mountain you’re facing. I don’t know what mountain of discouragement, doubt, uncertainties, or a loss of enthusiasm for life generally, that is facing you, but just by knowing what Jesus did, you’re free.

When skyscrapers were being built, people would slip and fall from the edges, from the scaffolding, in their “cautiousness” and many people died that way. But the moment there was a production of a type of net that could hold your fall, the rate at which people fell reduced.
What happened is that the consciousness of dying was taken off so the fear of falling lost its hold.

If you were told that you’ll never fail, what will you do?
If you were told that you’re not under a curse, whether by what you did or not, what will you do?

Go and succeed!

I want you to learn to give like a blessed man. Poverty is a mindset.