Realities of the Last Adam

Realities of the Last Adam
June 3, 2018 Blog Admin
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Realities of The Last Adam with Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

I Corinthinans 15:45-49
Verse 45:The second man is the Lord from heaven.

Verse 48;
I bear the image of the Heavenly.

There’s a phrase that God uses to describe Christ; 1. The first is THE SECOND MAN, so Jesus is the second man who is also THE LAST ADAM.
So there is THE FIRST ADAM and there is THE LAST ADAM, there is no second Adam.
There are only two men God deals with.

The problem of Adam could not be solved in Adam because the problem was in Adam, so God does not try to fix Adam, what He does is create another man, a whole new man which is why He calls Jesus THE SECOND MAN and at the same time, THE LAST ADAM.

God doesn’t try to work Adam and Eve who both fell and because of their disobedience, everyone born after them fell too and is of the dispensation of death, until the dispensation of the Law was given which began to rule accompanied with death until Jesus came.
But God used the law as a school master.
Whatever was lost in adam, God let it go because something better was coming in Christ.

Hell was made for Satan and when Satan became the father of mankind after the fall, man would go to hell because hell was made for satan.
Adam took the judgement of satan, so death was working until Jesus came.

There is a form of trinity that was at work before Jesus came;
-The voice of Satan,
-The voice of the Law
-The voice of Death.
So if God did not judge man, God would have been deemed unfaithful. Satan was waiting to see how God would bring man out of this mess of the fall, so we see that God did not do anything until Jesus came. But There was no law that says God cannot be a man so He was smarter than Satan who thought that there was no way God could bypass this cause
-and-effect principle at work because the wages of sin is death.

The phrase, LAST ADAM means this is the last hope for the salvation of mankind, so if Jesus had failed, Satan was reminding God that He would cease to be God, so it was a last card, risky game that God played.
Sometimes i think about the degree of the love of God, the degree to which God loved man that He became man!
Look God is not man, He is Spirit but when i think about the fact that God who is the creator of the heavens and highly lifted up, having the earth is His footstool, there is now a man seated there.
You are seated in Heavenly places.

That God will become what you are to lift you from where you are to become who He is. That’s the plan of salvation.

John 1:14

When Jesus came, if you look through the gospel, you’d find that there are similarities between Adam and Jesus;
1. Adam was placed in the garden, Jesus was placed in the wilderness.
2. Adam was tempted in the garden, Jesus was tempted in the wilderness.
3. Adam was tempted by food, Jesus was tempted by food.
4. Adam was with wild animals and though there are sspeculations that those animals at creation were not wild, unable to chew meat, until the fall caused a reconfiguration and so that’s why there was a reset of their brain by God at the time of Daniel when he was thrown into the lion’s den and when he was released and those men, his accusers were to be thrown in, the lions experienced a restoration back to nature and ate those men from the bottom-up. Whoa!

5. Angels came to preserve the tree of life because if Adam eats of that tree, he will perpetually live in the state of dannation; Jesus was strengthened by angels while He was praying.
So Jesus is doing all that Adam was meant to do.
6. THE FIRST ADAM brought a new race; THIS LAST ADAM has brought a new race.

You will see that you don’t need to be fixed, you only need to be translocated. Because who you were was in the FIRST ADAM but since God did not fix Adam, fixing you is not the solution.

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, not a fixed creation- 2 Corinthians 5:17

It’s a nature. You don’t beg a nature to do what it’s been born to do.
How much effort did it take you to sin? Little.
Did you read a book on how to fail?
Did you sow seed to learn to sin? No, you just did it because it’s your nature. Who learnt how to sin? Or attended a course, Sin 101?

What we did was a nature and we didn’t need a teacher.

When demons came and hailed Jesus as the son of God, Jesus would hush them and reinstate his status as son of man because the mission was to be man and not God. He was already God. God became man, demons are calling Him God and you think its praise. If you hear Jesus talk about Himself, He would say the son of man and when He died and rose again, they didn’t return to the former status, they left him as a man.
Because this was about two men.
Thank God Jesus was a man!

On that throne called Heaven, there is a type of us that sits down there.
So Jesus stayed as man. He remained as man. He had skeletal structure.

The first man, Adam, when he sinned, everybody under him also sinned. The unbeliever is a sinner because he was born, NOT because he sinned. If you are born, you came from adam and became a sinner. That’s why the phrase, BORN-AGAIN is for the second man.
So if you have unrighteous people(the nature) who do righteous things(the act), they are only at best, moral sinners.
Morality is not what takes you to hell, it’s who you are in. If you are in THE FIRST ADAM, your destination is hell straight.
Everyone who was a sinner simply because you were born, it translates to the fact that you were sentenced without your consent and your nature of sin became predetemined.
And if you are in THE LAST ADAM, you were also sentenced without your constent.
This is the reason why we thank God that Jesus came.
If Jesus did not come, nobody can make it to Heaven.

Do you know that if the morally unrighteous man keeps on being righteous, there’s another sin added- Pride.
You can’t escape sin.
The Bible says about sin that what you know to do and don’t do, it’s sin or anything you don’t do in faith, is sin. Do you know how many things you wanted to do something and doubt filled your heart and kept you from doing it, or good things you knew to do and didnt do?

Adam threw a dice and it was predetermined. Jesus also threw a dice.

Don’t think you are an unbeliever because thoughts are flying though your head, temptation is free of charge, its like wi-fi.
Scripture says Jesus was tempted at all points, yet he remained withoit sin. One thing you must know is that you have power over sin because the second man has power over sin and if you are fixed in Him, you have power over sin.

So there are three musketeers; Death, the law and Satan.
God cannot undo Adam because what formed Adam was His life. God cannot make Adam non-existent because that life came from Him, so God had to fix the problem.
So the best way God could have done it was to get a second man who is THE LAST ADAM.
A marriage is only broken by death, disannulled by death. So the law cannot die so what dies is you.
So how does God deal with these three musketeers?
He deals with the law by you dying and how do we die? In Christ.
When Jesus died, i died.
It’s called the gospel of substitution.

■The second one-Death.
Jesus died physically and He also died spiritually. When He showed His pierced sides, it was a proof of His death. Death has no power over you because you died in Christ. Christ is certified dead on the cross and you are also certifed dead.
Now there’s another issue, if physical death has taken Jesus on the cross and spiritual death is awaiting Him in Hades, how does He manuever? And you were there in Him, so how do you overcome the enemy of death? You do by dying another death. The death and resurrection of Jesus is the original death and resurrection.
This type of resurrection had never been before Jesus came. Its different from Lazarus who was raised because it was a case of just bringing “the dead Lazarus back to breathing.”
That’s not life from death because the Jesus who raised Lazarus had not died at the time.
If Lazarus died again, he will still go back to where he came from.
The original death was the one spoken of the second man.
So Jesus became the firtsborn of the dead- Colossians 1:18

So the first death has your name but after the second death, when they call your name, say Methuselah, and you are said to be dead and they trace it to the cross, they call and ask how you were able to maneuver the second death in Hades.
Satan didn’t know that when Jesus was dying on the cross, He was not the only one, there were many of us. So when we passed the natural death to the spiritual death, i was there.
The man who died is not the same one who came.
That’s the mystery of justification and salvation.
So when God says to Jesus in scripture, “Thou art my son.”
Who was Jesus before?

It was while He was in Hades that God said, “Thou art my son, today i have begotten you.”
That is LIFE FROM THE DEAD, the first of it’s kind.
It’s the reason why when Jesus resurrected, they didnt recognise Him. It took voice recognition for Mary to know when He called her name.
Jesus was ascending to Heaven and the people who knew Him before were asking who He was when He said, “Lift up your heads o ye gates and ye everlasting doors….” They were asking, “Who is this king of glory?”
Psalm 24:10
So even the angels saw this was a new breed, a new Jesus.

Even the men on the way to Emmaus couldn’t recognize Him.

What i’m trying to say is it was two men. I dont know which you are fixed in.
I’m fixed in the new man- The last Adam.

Where you are is a place of progressive glory. You don’t look like who you are, yet.
“It doesn’t appear what we shall be like….” I John 3:2
But beholding as in a mirror, you are being changed into the same image from glory to glory.
2 Corinthians 3:18

I’m of the new man.
I bear the image of the Heavenly.

Old things are passed way and all things have become new. This means that your history is God. Your history is not what you remembered. Flesh is the voice recognition of your past but scripture says, “Let God be true and everything else, be a liar.” Romans 3:4.
That scripture isn’t saying God is true, no it’s saying you have to permit God to be true and permit your experiences to be a lie. Flesh is going to always pull you back to something that happened to you and you established it as your reality but the Spirit is what realigns your reality to the fact that your history is be God.

When scripture calls those guys obedient children, they were not obedient but its not acknowledging their disobedience as a reality.
Look at Abraham, the report says he did not stagger iin unbelief at the promises. Which Abraham? The Abarahm that we know didn’t only stagger, he fell when he listened to his wife’s advice. Or is it Sarah who laughed in doubt, scripture says she never doubted?
The reason why the book of Hebrews after the cross, gives an account of possibilities and the no,-existence or error, is because their history is God.
If God were to write your history, many things will not be there.

So as the East from the West, so is your transgression from you.
Psalm 103:12

When your transgressions are coming this way, God almighty takes off in the other direction, not as in fear but as in he doesn’t want to remember.

May i advise you? Forget it! Philippians 3:13

Because your history is God. If you count this revelation as true, God counts you as righteous because your life is hid in Christ and Christ in God.
I came to free people who think that the reason why you are not making it is because you did something in the past. You can’t be more serious than God.

Can an unborn baby who because he doesn’t like where he is born to, starts crying and decide to return to his mother’s womb and then become the sperm and return to the father?
The spiritual life you were born into is not upgradeable. Do you think its iPhone? You cannot unborn your spiritual life.
It says you are born again not of corruptible seed, but incorruptible seed. Jesus said anyone in His hands, no man can pluck him out including Him who is a man. John 10:28

Whatever is not of the second man, who is THE LAST ADAM, in your life is foreign.

I have good news for someone-
You were sentenced to propser.
You were sentenced to make it.
And if they trace your life, your story is that of the blessed man.

This thing is a gift from God.

There are some people here who are not born again, once you put your faith in God, you have become a new man.

That lack of hope, that hopelessness,or that state where you have plateaued is a foreign thought because God is your history. Don’t add nonsense to the story of your life. The believer is never disadvantaged.
You are of the Heavenly image. You bear the image of the Heavenly.

We are going to pick out three things that you know are foreign in your life and address them by saying;
I bear the image of the Heavenly and because of that, you are foreign, i declare you out. You don’t exist.
Let God be true and everything be a lie. Let your experiences fall as lies before your face.

Stop trying to fix things, just look at Him.

Lastly, when those snakes were biting those Israelites, how did they prevail? It was by looking up at the brazen serpent. You don’t avoid the venom of the snake by hitting your body or stomping your feet, that’s death.
Jesus said, “If i be lifted up, i’ll draw all judgment to myself”.
You were judged already in Christ. Stop expecting bad things or judgement to follow the blessings.
You have to purify your expectations.
You were sentenced to prosper.
You are of the last man, Adam. You are not a project that they are trying to fix, you are a solution to your generation, you have to begin to see yourself that way.

You bear the image of the LAST ADAM.
I bear the image of the Heavenly.