Generational Proclivities

Generational Proclivities
May 16, 2018 Blog Admin
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Generational Proclivities with Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

Not every proclivity is a generational proclivity but it can happen that it could happen.
When Jesus saw the man born blind, they asked if it was him or his parents who sinned, but Jesus said this happened so the works of God may be revealed in him.
What I want to talk about is not something that is talked about all the time.
I want to talk about generational proclivities. On Sunday we spoke about Generational blessing but today I want to speak about Generational proclivities.
I want you to know that evil spirits are very territorial and they would lodge and stay in a place or a family for a long time. If you do not identify this you will pull out physical weapons instead of spiritual weaponry to fight a spiritual battle.
On Sunday we said you are blessed because of what Christ has done. The blessing rests upon us through faith in Abraham. We are the spiritual descendants of Abraham so we receive the blessing.
We are blessed already. We are not cursed.
The man who is born again is able to rise above the limitations, set to be seated in Christ Jesus, elevated far above principalities and powers.
However, It is possible that believers can suffer from sprititual operations that are not of God. The reason for this is that
1-They may not be aware of it, or
2-They have not used their redemption rights.
So whilst you have the position in Christ, your location can be affected.
Today I am teaching you SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE.
You must be able to tell what is going on in the spirit, you must be able to sense the spiritual at play when you enter a place.
People go though challenges sequentially because Satan is organised. Because there is a pre-orchestrated plan to frustrate you.
The believer cannot be possessed but he can be oppressed.
A popular proverb in Israel said that the children’s teeth are set on edge because the fathers ate sour grapes.

But Christ has taken away every curse. You are not under a curse.
Nothing will happen to you unless you permit it. You have been given the keys of the kingdom. Your victory is in your hands.
If God orchestrated everything in your life then it means everyone’s life will be the same.
But the manifestation of your victory is in what you know.

Hebrews 12
The sin that easily ensnares us is a natural proclivity or tendency that we have.
Two words-* Weight and sin* are highlighted here
Many believers are not running fast because of weights. But we ought to lay aside every weight. You must be able to identify your natural proclivity. If you check you will see that it is usually influenced by the spiritual. If you will try to deal with it physically it won’t work because nothing shows up in the physical that isn’t in the spiritual.

Demons are territorial-they lodge where they are allowed to stay. They can pass on to the next generation. This is why believers don’t run as fast as they should.
Those who work in places where people are not born again, you will know that there are mixed spirits in the atmosphere and if you understand your place you will be able to deal with the spirits and enforce your own authority. So you know that to deal with your boss you don’t curse him but speak to the thing on him.
If you don’t pay attention to these things it can slow you down spiritually.
I’ve found out that when families come together to discuss you find out that families deal with the same kind of challenges. But because Satan likes to operate in silence, it is rather not talked about.
Keeping quiet is not dealing with it.
When Jacob blessed Joseph he said your branches will leap across the walls. I like to say that my children will break the walls.
I was telling Pastor iDeal that some of our parents have lived our lives. Some of the same experiences they had you have had or are having, but when they see it they don’t talk about it because they don’t have the courage or the solution, but you do because of your redemptive rights.
If you are not settling things right he(the devil) will come at you in the same way, in an opportune time(that’s what the Bible said, during the temptation of Jesus, that the devil would return at an opportune time. It means he will return)the way he came at your father or mother.
You must have spiritual intelligence.

Exodus 34: 6-7
God is saying that he is visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children. He is not punishing the children for the father’s sins. He is explaining that if Israel doesn’t repent He will step back and allow the same things that happened to the fathers to happen to the children.


There are learned behaviors and patterns that are not natural, within families.
Ezekiel 18:2
We see the generational curse in Adam-he sinned and death was introduced to the world. And everyone who came into the world was under the dispensation of death.
But we also see that in Jesus, everyone is blessed because of what has been done.
Believers have fallen prey to generational proclivities, eg some families have great divides, divorce, etc and you see it happening in your family.
Sometimes it may not be a proclivity but it may be possible. I don’t want you to be unaware of these things.
You cannot be a spiritual dummy. You must have spiritual intelligence.
Let me show you a pattern in the demoniac.
Luke 8:26-32
Demons always like to stay in a particular place. They get accustomed to an environment. They are territorial. You must be able to stand up and tell them to get out. You can employ the tools of your redemption rights and wipe out a demonic influence that has been there for generations and it doesn’t have to be dramatic. All that needs to happen is that you are aware of your rights.

The demoniac had been possessed for a long time, but I also believe that the demon spirit was in that region for a long time.
There are many things that may be hindering your from running effectively as a believer because you have not addressed some things.
You must address these as a young man or woman now, and deal with certain patterns.

Some people have no vision or sense of direction. I’ve come to believe that this is a proclivity. Some families are educated but the family members have no vision even if they are educated.

When my father was born he was taken to a herbalist to interprete his destiny. They said his destiny was white.
My uncles have Islamic names and tribal marks.
He was also born on a Sunday, so he was named Sunday. That’s what the S in his name stands for.
My grandfather would slap the wall and bring money out of the wall.
But When light broke on my father’s life, it(the darkness) skipped my father because of his redemption understanding.
You can be in the city and still be monitored by a spirit. So don’t think it’s a village thing.

For those of you who do business, don’t think the exchange is free and fair. People are engaging other supernatural things so you cannot be quiet.
There are homes where bitterness is the order of the day. It can be broken in the spirit.
Let’s not think that as believers Satan won’t try. It is because you are a believer that he will try.
You must be aggressive about breaking the pattern.

David had a problem even if he was a Jew. The sword was over his house as the prophet said. His son raped his sister. His son Solomon was a minister of women, directly translated from him.
Even as doctors we ask about illnesses in families, because illnesses like COPD, Asthma, Hypertension is familial.
But you can end the generation of illness.
My father told me there are battles that I won’t have to fight because he fought them for me. You need to fight some battles for your kids.

Whilst you are saved it doesn’t mean Satan won’t throw stones at you.
Many times when you are under pressure you would easily release or outlet by falling into these generational proclivities. But it can be broken.
You may not be able to connect your wealth to these proclivities but it can happen. Because while you will go to heaven you may not manifest here on earth because of these limitations.
Who knew that a mad man or a man possessed could be the reason that churches couldn’t be planted on that street?
Don’t play with family and generational proclivities. I made up my mind that I would break proclivities today.
You know I can do a technical message but I am talking about generational blessings that you need to operate in and these proclivities won’t let you.
Not everyone will be fulfilled and that’s why Paul made a prayer.
You have to deal with familial emotional issues. Divorce.
Things don’t just happen. If you don’t address them they will address you.
You must have spiritual intelligence.
The woman who was a daughter of Abraham, Jesus said that ought not this one be free? It was not just scoliosis.
Have you met some people who are so intelligent but cannot make anything out of their intelligence? It is not normal.
You cannot use logic for the devil. He responds only to power.
How many of you are ready to address issues?
I’ve seen families were depression reigns. It can be addressed.
Certain things will not happen to you, and certain things will happen from you.
Unnecessary delays can go. Confusion that has no root or purpose can go. No longer will you as a man or woman not have a clear cut vision or direction to life or destiny.

When you don’t pay attention to these things it can affect what you are asking God to do for you.
Example-if you are dealing with lust it can affect your money, your creativity. If you don’t sit down to address it it will address you.
It is not a grey matter, it is a black and white matter. You must address it, check it out. Why shouldn’t you progress? Satan thrives in secrecy.

Declaration- I have spiritual manifestation.

You will come into full manifestation of your glory.
You must block all inroads! You must be angry enough to do it.
Begin to speak over your life!

If you are here dealing with sexual sins, you are free tonight!
If you are a man here and you are constantly in pornography, you can address it and lay that weight aside and set yourself free because the anointing is here. You can break free! You can address that old devil/ demon in the name of Jesus! Not in your life! It will skip over you! Break it for your children! You are free!

The sprit of anger and bitterness is broken now! You are loosed from it in the name of Jesus!

Emotional disorders and mood swings, you are loosed from it in the name of Jesus!

No longer will the children’s teeth be set on edge because the fathers have eaten sour grapes!

2Corinthians 4:4

In the name of Jesus,

I declare that my atmosphere is clear.
Every interference of demonic activity I put a hold.
I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.
I am a new creation! A new man in Christ! I cannot be in lack or want. Poverty is not in my family.
I walk in full speed. I fly on full speed. I’m productive, no interference. My life is not conducive for satanic influence.
I will hear and believe the right things. I put my eyes to see the right things.
My feet will not lead me to evil. I will not do business in dubious places.
I put a stop to whatever is not of God, whatever He has not planted I uproot.
I see and manifest a difference! It is different for me! There is a change in my home!
You will take over your spaces!
You are ten times more productive!
You will get a call for a job and I expect your testimony in two weeks!
I release upon you supernatural ideas!
You will be productive more than ever before.