The Blessing

The Blessing
May 20, 2018 Blog Admin
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The Blessing with Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

Say with me, I am blessed! I am so blessed!
Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked. Blessed there means fortunate, enviable, prosperous and happy.
How many of you know you are of a blessed nation? You are not meant to strive as people strive because you are of a blessed nation.
Say with me-I am blessed!
Your consciousness determines your reality. If you know you are blessed you will see and manifest the blessing!

People are leaving the realm of toiling to the realm of effortless blessings and results.
The blessed man is not meant to toil. You are meant to enjoy the rest of God!

Genesis 32:24
When Jacob said I will not leave you until you bless me, that Is not the conversation of the New Testament believer. You have been blessed already but your location may not have
shown the blessing. That’s about to change.

Declaration-You will not struggle anymore!

Proverbs 10:22
Who here wants a blessing only your effort can give? I don’t want something only my effort can give. I want something my effort can’t give. God says to tell you that’s what you are coming into.
It’s about how much God has blessed you. The blessing is about to come on you!
This night is a prophetic night.
It is because of the blessing we have blessings.
When God put Adam in the garden of Eden, he wasn’t meant to toil, he was meant to work.
I see believers toiling and not working but something is about to shift.

We are connected by Faith to the blessing God gave Abraham. The natural genealogy is through the Israelites. But gentiles don’t connect to the Jews so we have to come through Jesus.
God preached the gospel to Abraham and he believed.
In the Old Testament the blessing was gotten by performance. For believers we don’t perform to be righteous and to be blessed. Jesus performed, was righteous and is blessed. We come in by the finished works of Jesus.
The blessing is not as a result of my perfection.
I am a receiver of what Christ has done.
The nature of the blessing is anti-performance, completely.
What’s the meaning of Jacob? Supplanter. The one who grabs the heel. The Bible described him this way because from the beginning of his life he has been grabbing. In the womb Jacob had to survive because his brother kicked him, and he had to grab the heel to survive.
There are people here looking at me who are fighters. Survivors, Self fighters.
The blessing was upon Jacob but he had to cut corners to get the blessing.
Say to your neighbor, leave Jacob alone.

Okay, Let’s leave the blessing-when he wanted to marry, he worked for his wife for 14years.
The fake wife for 7 and the real for 7. He is grabber/catcher.
There are fighters here, and your fighting will end today because you will be pushed into the blessing.
Jacob made his money by scheming, but one day he wrestled with an angel and when the angel saw that he couldn’t overcome him, scripture says the angel dislocated his hip.

Jacob-The one who catches the heel.
Israel-The one who God fights for.
You should work and toil should not be all over your head because you have the blessing.
You are here and you have worked and toiled for everything you have. That order is about to change.
Look at Abraham. When he was coming back from the battle, when he recovered the spoil, on his way he met Melchizedek, the priest of the most high God and the king of Salem. Melchizedek told Abraham, you are blessed. Behind his back the king of Sodom and Gomorrah begged for the spoils, but
Abraham returned the spoil and lifted up his hands to heaven saying I have lifted up my hands and I WILL bless the lord.
God said to him, I am your shield and your exceeding great reward. God appeared to him and said that he won’t get anymore by sword.

The order of the blessing is not by toiling!
If God is your reward, you have everything!
Do you know what is anti-the-blessing? It’s performance driven.
Even a curse cannot stop the blessing!
Do you know why God bypasses the mystery of the firstborn? Because the syndrome of the firstborn is I have it because I am entitled to it because of my performance.
Who is the first born man? Adam?
Who is the second born man? Jesus.
The blessing will jump from Adam to Jesus.
Abraham’s first son-Ishmael-the son by performance.
Isaac- the son by grace.
Jacob-received the blessing.
Reuben was bypassed because it is not about works.
Benjamin means son of my right hand.
The blessing was poured on Joseph.
This is the story of the gospel-it isn’t about performance.
When the blessing came to the gentiles it crossed Israel, because the Israelites are the direct link. But God said he will bypass them because they have rejected me.
The Jews walk in a way that shows they know that they are blessed, but the truth is that the gentiles are blessed.

Jesse had 7sons. Eliab represents performance. David wasn’t considered a son because he was said to be the union of an adulterous relationship, historically. Yet David had the blessing.

Something is jumping on you.

The blessing left the first and went to the second, in the story of the prodigal son. The first thought he was working for the blessing. The second spent the blessing and came back and expected that the blessing will still be there. Who did the fatted calf come to? The second son.

Leave performance alone.

I’m not preaching against work but against toil. I’m stressing the first and second because the first is often performance driven.
Back to Jacob-Genesis 27:17-20
v20- because the Lord your God brought it in my path. When you are blessed it is not far fetched from you. It is within your reach. Why did Isaac believe Jacob? Because that’s the way his life had been. It’s familiar to him.
This is the work of Grace. It’s the realm he is taking you to.
Some people don’t have to try ten times, their first try is the best, this is the evidence of a blessed life.
When Abraham sent his servant to find a wife for his son, Rebecca was the first woman he saw. The blessing brings things to your path. You don’t toil.
The poverty mentality is the one who wants to have enough so when there is scarcity you have something to hold on to. But if you know you are a son you don’t mind releasing because you know that there is more.
This is someone’s story. The Lord your God will bring it to you.
You will hear a voice behind you saying that this is the way, walk in it.
In the kingdom of God we don’t toil. We manifest, show, receive the blessing. We don’t Toil!
Jesus did not find his disciples by toiling! They came to him.

In a few weeks natural occurrences will take place but they will be supernatural.

You are not called to toiling.
This is the blessing-it makes rich and adds no sorrow.
Psalm 18:43-this is my story. You have been delivered from the striving! You will hold your peace and God will fight for you!
The prophet was walking by the way and the woman recognized that he was a prophet and called him in. God orchestrated it.
God is orchestrating meetings, connections or you.
To worry is to work. When you come into rest you operate in the blessing.
When you are afraid it is evidence that you don’t trust.
The believer is never at a disadvantage.
Like PoSE said, Head or tails you win!
The blessing was given to a nation called the church. That’s why you, as the light of the world, in the consciousness of the blessing, the Lord will bring it your way. In comparing your life to that of your father you will see that it takes less time to achieve the same things he did.
When I was coming I saw the picture of a young ruler here. You will not strive as men strive.
God will not let you come to the place of de-son-ing your self, evidenced by the fact that he stopped the prodigal son from doing I when he was repentant and coming back to his father.
I declare all round blessing on you. There is no toil to this blessing.
I see people asking, can my life be this thing you are saying? The answer is yes.

In the story of the prodigal son, he was given a Robe which represents Righteousness.
Sandals representing Backing of royalty.
Ring representing Purchasing power.

In giving him this ring, he gives him free rein.
We are not joint heirs- a Joint heir shares the inheritance 50/50.
No, we are Co-heirs, meaning that we have 100 and Christ has 100 too.

I’m trying to get you to a consciousness that you know you have the blessing so you know that whatsoever you lay your hands to do is blessed because you have the blessing.

Genesis 49:17-
For every sector, a blessing has gone forth.

The blessing is on me!
You will not toil. Words have gone ahead of you.
There will be young people handling a level of wealth that hasn’t been handled before.
You come into what you haven’t worked for.
You have been moved from toil to effortless working
The blessing is working. I curse every toiling, every working without results.
No more struggle. I am blessed of all people.
The blessing will open your eyes to the truth of ideas. The Lord is bringing vision and revelation knowledge in what to do.
Many of us see the big picture but don’t know the next step.
Joseph put silver cups in the bags of his brothers. Things can come to you.
Grace is not saying you should not go. Grace is saying go because you know.

God is about to bring things your way because of the consciousness of the blessing. How do you get into this? You prophesy. The silver cups are in my packs. I have the blessing. My path drips with fatness.