Blood Series 2

Blood Series 2
May 27, 2018 Blog Admin
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Blood Series 2 with Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

This evening, I’m going to continue the series on the BLOOD. We started on Wednesday to talk about the efficacy of the blood and how that Jesus is the mediator between God and man for better things.

Now, i’m going to talk about something…i’m caught between tagging it the Voice of the Blood or the Blood of sprinkling.
But before I start, I’d like to correct a notion amongst us about the blood when we pray, saying, “I cover my house with the blood of Jesus.” The blood is not a paint colour.
People of God, you don’t cover the car with the blood, otherwise how do you see?

Hebrews 12:24; This mountain here is Mount Sinai where the law was given so you can see things that followed. Very terrifying. But you know God is not terrifying, He is your father, His arms are always outstretched to receive you, he’s not trying to hit you with a sledgehammer or waiting for you to make a mistake so He can deal with you. Scripture says He has accepted you in the beloved.

Even Moses who gave the law was terrified in this verse. Have you ever come to church and been terrified because you felt God has seen every move you made and was waiting to deal with you?

In verse 22, Mount Zion is God’s presence and scripture says we are already there. We are not trying to get there. I’m already in God’s presence. Remember the story of the veil that was torn in two, signifying access for us, a place that the High priest could only come in once a year.
And it’s this place God has come into. And we are already there. Hallelujah!

Verse 24 says we have come to the blood of sprinkling that speaks better things than the blood of Abel.
The blood of Abel SPOKE but the blood of Jesus is SPEAKING now.

Now, there are two dimensions;
There is the shed blood that brought you into Zion and when you come into Zion, the blood of sprinkling is at work.
That is the legal and the vital side of redemption. The legal side of redemption is what authenticates you as being righteous. Vitally, it’s about what the Holy spirit is doing in you because of what He has done in Christ. Healing your body now is not a new work, it’s possible because the healing has already happened. So faith will take what grace has already provided.

The blood of bulls and goats is for atonement but the blood of Jesus is for remission which means there’s no longer a trace. It doesn’t exist. This is the gospel! Too-good-to-be-true-news.

The blood is not just shed to bring you in, it keeps speaking after you come in.
If Jesus is interceding for you, He’s talking with the blood of sprinkling.
Genesis 4:10; Blood talks, wherever blood is shed, there is the summoning of spirits and mediums understand. Even demons understand this and so do we. So when the blood speaks, ministering spirits are activated on your behalf.

There are similarities between the blood of Abel and Jesus;
1. Abel was a shepherd, Jesus is our good shepherd who has given His life for us.
2. Abel died a violent death at the hand of a close relative(his brother), Jesus also died a violent death at the hand of His own relatives, the Jews.
3. Abel’s blood cried and God heard it. But Jesus blood speaks and God hears it. Levels.
I can imagine Jesus’s blood saying, “I can’t fit shout”.
4. Another similarity is that Abel testified of The righteousness of God, Jesus is our righteousness.

On the flip side, there are contrasts between the blood of Abel and Jesus;

1. Abel died by force; Jesus laid down His life. Nobody could kill Him, when He presented Himself, they all fell. In fact, He died twice for the death to be effective, the first was when sin come on Him so He died spiritually and the second was when He died physically.
It was important that sin and death was dealt with because by the result of the fall that caused death, death began to gain strength in time, people who lived earlier, lived longer.
The power of sin has a progressive strength that in time effects the corruption of the body.

2. Abel died because of His sacrifice; Jesus was the sacrifice.
3. Abel’s blood cried for revenge; Jesus’s blood is crying for mercy. His blood is saying “Forgive them and pardon them” and His blood is speaking louder than Abel’s blood that is saying, “Avenge me.”
4. Abel’s blood spoke against one man- Cain; Jesus’s blood is speaking for many, in fact the whole world!

Your reconciliation did not start when you received Christ, when you received Christ, you came into your reconciliation. 2 Corinthians 5:18
If you don’t know your ministry, know that your first ministry is the ministry of reconciliation. 
Verse 19;
The power of the gospel is in the message of the gospel. The enthusiasm for the gospel is in the gospel. How many of you readily share bad news? But when it’s good news, you want to share to anyone who cares to listen.

So your reconciliation happened before you came to the knowledge of it. Therefore people don’t go to hell because God is not reconciled to them, rather it’s because they didn’t receive the reconciliation of God.

The blood in a foetus doesn’t come from the mother, it can only come from the father. The placenta is that medium of exchange of nutrients between the baby and the mother and waste products from the baby goes out through the placenta. This is how God designed it. So only when there’s fertilisation of the egg by the sperm, will there be blood. So if the blood isn’t from the mother, where did Jesus’s blood come from?
God had to use biological, scientific reasons to show that this blood is precious.

When God in creation formed Adam from the dust, he breathed into Adam who became a living soul. I personally believe that It was the breath of God that formed the blood of Adam. Scripture says the life of the flesh is in the blood.
But when sin came, it corrupted the blood of Adam and so when Jesus came, God could only give him the body of Adam but not the blood and so the Holy spirit had to overshadow Mary, this was the second time God had to breathe into a man to form the blood of man.

This blood is so precious, it’s divine, incorruptible, undefiled.
It’s the saving blood of Jesus!

If you believe in the virgin birth, you must understand that there was something unique about the conception of Jesus.

Hebrews 2:14; Says the children are partakers(full sharing) of flesh and blood but Jesus only took part(half sharing), He took one part which is flesh but the divine, redeemable blood is the one that came from God.

So Jesus used death to destroy death and Satan didn’t see that coming. He came with a purpose, so all the good works and miracles were good but the ultimate purpose was dying on that cross.
Even Judas confessed to betraying the innocent blood. Matthew 27:4. He didn’t say “An” innocent blood, He said “The” innocent blood, the one that came from God. Judas knew!

The BLOOD speaks of sacrifice and substitution.

Your redemption is tied to the satisfaction of the sacrifice.

If you’re under the law, what you need is a High priest who will be on hand to atone for you when you fall but we don’t come from the lineage of the priesthood of the Levites. Jesus came from the tribe of Judah who lives forever. Hebrews 7:17

When Jesus was about to die, he was playing many parts, He was playing priest and substitute at the same time.
He had to pray so that His reflexes would be right so that He doesn’t make a wrong move that will cause Pilate to free him. Even Pliate’s wife had a dream and wanted Pilate to free Jesus. So He was leading Himself to the slaughter.

Jesus came to be used by God. People who don’t like to be used hardly get used by God. Because God will not use you by Himself, God will use you by using people to use you.

Jesus knew that Peter will betray Him but He kept feeding him. Same with Judas, didn’t Jesus know that he was going to betray Him? And yet up till the time Judas was going to betray Him, Jesus called him friend.
Look! Come to the place where anything and anyone can use you. I want you to know that you are about to be used and then be used.

If Jesus our perfect sacrifice was not readily usable, we will not be here.

There were two goats to be presented to the High priest; The scape goat and the sacrificial goat. Now in the old testament, when someone came to offer sacrifice with an animal, the sin was put on the animal and the animal was banished to the wilderness.
Jesus was both the sacrificial lamb and our scape goat. Why did they crucify Jesus outside of the city walls? The scape goat is banished from Israel. So the perfect lamb of sacrifice is both a substitutional work and the sin sacrifice for us.

Isaiah saw it in the future and said He has borne our transgressions. Isaiah 53:5. Paul also said, from hindsight that He who knew no sin became sin for us.
2 Corinthians 5:21

So when you bless Jesus, bless Him for these things. Know these things.
You are not righteous in yourself. You could not empower yourself over the power of sin. Remember what we said on Wednesday, that the power and the residue of sin has all been taken away? If a prophet prophesies that from today onwards you will not urinate, you don’t need to be worried, the moment you get pressed, the prophecy will lose its power.
You don’t fight nature. You do what is natural to you to do. When it’s time to urinate, you’ll be yourself. Because it is nature.

When the blood of Jesus came, it dealt with the nature of sin. So when you fall, there’s a conflict because you are born again.  Paul said the things I want to do, I don’t find myself doing it. But he moves to Chapter 8 of Romans to say that there is therefore now no more condemnation for any believer who thinks that the struggles they face means they are no longer saved. Those struggles are natural because you are saved.

The blood of Jesus dealt with the factory that produces the bread, the nature, dealt with the action and also dealt with  the residue which is guilt. Hebrews 9:14.

I know the wages of sin is death but that is why Jesus died. If you are under the law, married to the law.. if you sin, you die and it’s hell straight but because the law is of God, the law is holy, so what Jesus does is that He comes to you and makes sure you die with Him so that your divorce papers with the law are signed and by legal right, you are free from the law and now under grace.
Therefore sin shall not have dominion over you anymore.
Romans 6:14. It is the law that empowers sin not grace. You don’t hurt or insult someone who gave you something.
To feel at home doesn’t mean you should take the television.

What you need to do is to come to the place of understanding of your deficit so that you can become more appreciative of what Jesus has done for you.

So when you pray, stop sprinkling our roads with the blood. In the first place, it’s not in your role to sprinkle. It’s the High priest who sprinkles. Where did you see the blood to scoop and sprinkle? We have a High priest who intercedes and speaks better things for us. The blood is still speaking today.
I John 2:1

The blood of Jesus cleanses. It hasn’t clotted. It’s an open fountain, still pouring. Zechariah 13:1
The blood that speaks is a flowing fountain.
The shed blood brought you into Mount Zion and in Mount Zion, the facilities has the sprinkling blood to provide everything that you need.
Hebrews 12:24

No sin can have dominion over me, nothing can condemn me.
I have power over everything because whatsoever is born of God overcomes the word.