Money Talks 5.0

Money Talks 5.0
April 22, 2018 Blog Admin
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Money Talks! 5.0 with Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

Hello there! Welcome and thank you for stopping by our blog. As you read, you’ll receive illumination and insight from the word. Amen.

God wants to deepen your relationship with Him. This service is an opportunity to have an experience.

We’ve been having conversations on money and it’s key to understand that God wants you to prosper because your prosperity is a reflection of His economy, a reflection of the vastness of God.

God wants you to prosper!

We are going to just gist this thing, this evening. Most of the things I’ll be sharing are things I’ve taught before and I’ll do a recap for the benefit of those who weren’t here or who haven’t listened to the message.

Who was blessed by the message last Wednesday? We bless God for the gift of P. Chibuzo. One profound thing he said was that you’re not supposed to chase money, money will chase you if you’re a person of value.

God wants the church to emerge so that the church will take her place in world systems. I pointed out our vision and I said that if in your space, you’re not yet a leading influence, you have not yet emerged.

Jesus said to occupy till He comes. So it’s necessary to occupy your sector because the kingdoms of this world have to become the kingdoms of God and His Christ. So stop shying away from the things God has called you to be.
It’s very necessary to occupy where God has called you and not just find it but be a leading influence.

If you have kingdom mindset, where you are is not just for you but it’s a platform to bring kingdom and establish kingdom there.
Many people use the merits of the office for their own good rather than to promote kingdom influence and value.

The believer is called to work, to take over the system.

When Adam fell, there were two problems;
1. Adam fell short of the image of God. That’s man’s problem
2. The second challenge is God’s. Which is that man did not just fall and lose his identity, he fell and handed over the systems to Satan who became the Prince of this world. This is why he could try to tempt Jesus with possessions and resources of the world.
If his position as a prince of this world was a lie, Jesus would have rebuked Satan when he bragged about what he could give Him.

When you get saved, the first problem is fixed. Identity is restored. As He is, so are you.
But as God is, does not guarantee the fixing of our systems.
So it will take the deliberateness of men to fix our systems.

Psalms 110:1; Jesus is already sitting at the right hand of God but there are still enemies, i.e systems of this world that need to be subdued.

Micah 4:1 was one of the scriptures God gave TSP when we started.
This mountains refer to the seven systems, of which everyone belongs to.
Now, there is the Lord’s mountain which is Zion, which is me and you. Normally, you flow down not up but when people flow up to you, it means there’s a pull, a gradient at work.

So there’s a deliberateness to fixing the systems of this world.

Colossians 1:20; To reconcile is to bring back to the way it used to be.
Scripture didn’t say to reconcile all people to God, but all things which includes systems. So what system do you belong to? Where’s your area of influence?

You have been reconciled but your sphere of influence is not and it won’t if you don’t step up. And it’s the reason why we leave our half brothers(the Muslims) to run systems and believers shy away. That’s an error. We must rise to responsibility.

You cannot sit down and feel pretty with yourself if years pass by and there’s no pull of greatness. There has to be a tug within you, pushing you to deliver. There’s more to you than meets the eye.

You are saved but it’s your responsibility to save the system.

If you are called to the sector of government and politics here, don’t shy away from it. It’s not dirty.
Government began with God and it I’ll end with Him.
Twelve is the number of government. The first thing Jesus did was to establish government, 12 disciples and in the old testament, God established the 12 tribes for order and governance for the Israelites.

So systems are meant to be reconciled to Him. Don’t be too spiritual, you’re not more spiritual than Him, where all you know is a big bible(KJV) and there’s no influence in the systems. If the plan of God was only for you to be born again, you’d have been called home the moment you got saved but He wants you to occupy till He comes.

Hebrews 2:8; why don’t we see all things put under Him? Because of you.
You are His extension, you’re meant to do the work.

God give you grace.

God’s problem in quote, is that all things on earth are not yet under Him. Heaven is perfect but earth is not.

Secondly, economy is important. The economy of a nation is the resources or the community of a people as regarding production, distribution and consumption.

Let me speak to the men. Every man must understand economy. The Greek word for economy is household management which is similar to the word for husband- household bonder.
A husband must understand economy. You cannot have children and a wife and not know how to run economy. You are already running a community so you have to run the economy of that community.

God’s economy is vast and He wants us to prosper.
In Genesis 1:27; He said to be fruitful and multiply, which stands for productivity and expansion. These are economic terms.

There are four economies;
1. The Economy of Nature: This is the primitive form of the creation resources of God. God has naturally endowed the earth with raw materials. You can convert sun to energy and wind to energy, water and many other mineral resources, which are renewable energies.

2. The Economy of Man: This is advanced and not as primitive as found in nature. God ascribed His quality and put into man when He created man in His image. It’s the man who manages the Economy of Nature.
For example, God did not make chairs or paper, but He made trees. It’s the Economy of Man that enables the transfer of nature into finished products.

You must understand your value in order to appreciate.
God made you like Him so that you can make things out of what He made. So you must first see that you are created in the image or God and that you possess the same creative value of God.

You are creative.

Everything that God has, you also have.

God made the earth and endowed it with natural resources but He also made man and transferred His creative ability to man to manage the translation of the raw materials to finished products.

Work is not a curse. Toiling is a curse. No believer should toil.

3. The Economy of Evalution: In Genesis 1:31: when God finsihed creating, He applauded himself. This is the economy of evaluation. You must see yourself as valuable. You cannot find 60 carats of diamond and just throw it away.

The engagement ring used to be on the middle finger but it’s like it’s changed now to the married finger and I think it’s because of the power of promise.
Promise is as important as the real thing.

If someone who can do it promises you, even though he hasn’t done it, you begin to behave as though it’s as good as done. I hope you know that’s Faith ?
When God said He has blessed you and you don’t feel the blessing, that’s when you begin to act as though you have the blessing because you have the blessing!
You are the one with the blessing.

If you don’t evaluate something properly, you will sell it at a cheap price. That’s how you need to begin to evaluate and give your brand the right value so you can sell at the right pricing.

When God finished creating nature and man, He applauded His works and He said, “This is good stuff”.

You are a good stuff.

4. The Economy of Rest
Genesis 2:2; God rested but His economy didn’t go to rest. If you want to build a sustainable economy, you must build a system that works even when you’re resting.
Any system that is tied to a person’s work will fail. It’s just a matter of time.
The progress or expansion has to be tied to the system and not the person, so you must not exalt persons above systems. Systems are important.

Someone was talking about the evolution process and he said some people look like the evolution process more than the finished product. That was an awful yab and a bad thing to say.
God made everyone in His image. I don’t believe in evolution. I’m yet to see another man evolute, if evolution really was a true concept, why isn’t it continuing? Did the monkeys or apes suddenly decide they didn’t want to evolute again?
You see, systems will do everything possible to fight that there is God. The purpose of evolution is to say that there was no creation. The atheist doesn’t like the word, “creation” because it means there was a creator and that’s the lie of the devil.
We believe that God created man in His image.
Even from the beginning, the first man was fashioned to look like the Godhead who is Christ and the last Adam came to restore the lost identity and be the pattern for many after Him.

I have natural endowments.

Nobody has an unfair advantage over you. Ecc 9:11; Do you believe that time and chance happens to all? It’s either the word is lying or your experiences are.
Time and chance happens to them all because time and chance will happen to everybody.

Your natural endowments are like your starter packages but they don’t guarantee success.
There are a lot of beautiful failures out there.

Look at some of the world’s best footballers, because of their leg endowments, somebody is making in one week, the annual budget for a state. All because of natural endowments.

I believe that everybody in evey sector is making it big. If you look at all the sectors, there’s one perosn making it big so no sector is undermined.
There’s no area of natural endeavour or skill that doesn’t have success in it.

The fact that you have natural endowment does not mean you will ascribe value to it.
It’s not about the natural, that’s the most primitive. It’s about the evaluation man brings to the natural.

I am gifted.
You are gifted.

There’s something you have that nobody has. Your ability to process and interprete things from the perspective you do, is your gift. Even the way you walk is a gift.
Peolle have used the gift of the tongue, the gift of garb to make money on a global scale, perhaps that individual who is now an influential public speaker was beaten by his parents as a child for talking too much.

There’s something you have o

The Economy of man is the policy of the gift. If a father has a child who has a gift and doesn’t send the child to school to polish the gift, he has decided not to ascribe value to that gift, because what education should do(not that it necessarily does that) is to help you polish the gift and reform it.

What education has become is that we are now learning ourselves.
There was no need for the education sector before the fall. Adam was aware, it was the state of eido. He didn’t need to be told to harness the natural endowment of swimming to name the vast number or fishes God created. Education happened because of the fall.

Don’t be caught up in being about what you read if what you read is not what you’re called to, otherwise you’ll be in a vicious cycle of trying to make ends meet when there’s so much more you can be or do.
Don’t get to 70 before you realise there was more you could have done with your gifting. Scripture says, “The glory of a young man is his strength.”

Any nation that doesn’t invest in human capital will not be productive as is the case of Nigeria, presently.

The fact that we produced cocoa or oil does not guarantee that we enjoyed the value because of faulty human capital.

Your time will come but please let your time meet you when you have been working your gift.
Be about working your gift.
Be found at the place where you have worked your gift so that when you come on the public stage, it’s showtime.

So people are looking for momey when the money is inside you and this is the God-Economy.
It’s what He has put inside you.

Haven’t you heard of people who left school to school themselves on what’s inside of them, made money and then returned to school to harness increased productivity?

It will take time to work your gift. Be patient in working your gift. So that you become the best in what you do. Let the way you do it be different and captivating enough to stand you out.

You must be able to ascribe value so that you don’t sell yourself cheap.
Evaluation is important because you must have brand perception and credibility.
There are many people who have worked their gifts but the eeva2lurion of them is poor because of faulty credibility.

You can’t undermine the place of virtue, honesty and integrity in the place of business.
Let your yes be yes.
Make sure you cultivate the habit of delivering on time, for credibility sake. Apart from the function of what your product does, there’s something called the brand experience .
I was telling P.iDeal that something cost me too much because I lost the brand experience as a result of the hassle I went through in the process of getting that thing.

You must endeavour to create a system, it’s important for every organisation to build a system.
Your rest is that your systems are working, with or without you.
Right now, if I travel for 2 weeks, church will run and we are still building tbis sy2etm. We are in the process of becoming a mighty church.
Don’t think the best time to build a system is when your organisation is mighty, start now from the scratch or it will be a flash in the pan. Don’t be individuated.

You must begin to put structure. Remeberbe when I taught you about Balances? Specifically, the balance between Revelation and Structure .

Colossians 4:17
Vision is revelation but the fulfilling of the ministry is your responsibility. God will not necessarily come down and give you the blueprint for the big picture He has given you.

I pray that you will harness the gifting God has given you and everything that is inside you will find expression.

Go find your gift if you dont know.

Some of you might work in the multiplicity of many gifts. Some of you will not find the other gifts if you don’t start the one that you know.

Before you start a system, know who you are before you bring someone else so that you don’t bring one who is weak where you’re weak and thus have a system that is built in the bias of you.

Structure is very important.

Build a structure on your revelation.

You are gifted. Work it!

I see people who will do well. I see business tycoons.
The fact that you’re gifted in a craft is reason for you to understand management. There’s a way to run a business.

You must understand leadership, structure, management.

Partnership is also key. When Adam saw his wife, he knew he had found help. Make partnership with people who are like minded.
In the context of our conversation on #MoneyTalks, look for the bone of your bone, i.e people who see what you see or who have the potential to see what you see.

There’s the extent to which your business will go and you can’t do it alone. Why do you think we have shares?
As an individual, you can’t have the monopoly of one system.

On Wednesday, I’ll talk about Vision.

You have stuff. This is the time to work your gift and harness what God has put inside of you.

You will come into rest and build structures that will run and your leaves will be for the healing of the nations. Revelations 22:2.

You will have discomfort from where you are
Something will push you out of the womb. You know life and death are both messengers, only they are facing in the opoosite direction. For something to be born, something has to die. The baby comes out because it can’t stay in the womb any more. And the woman has to push, she doesn’t push with her face made up and smiling pretty. The push can be tough.

You’ll be in both money and peace because your prosperity is a reflection of the economy of God, it’s so vast that you cannot just be a beneficiary, you are coming into the fullness of it.
You’re coming into the fullnes. Destiny will blow you in the face and usher you.

There’s more.

You don’t know because you have not come into it.
I’m pushing you this night.
Enough of sitting down and doing nothing. You are the agent God has called to reconcile the systems. Where are the Zerubabbels and Nehemiahs of our time?

It’s time to break forth on everyside.

You cannot be in the same spot or stuck at average and mediocrity.

You will use those stones for a pillow.
Your stones are climbing stones.

You will emerge. Let everything inside of you come out, wake up and find expression!

The gifts of a man will make a way for him.

Even though there’s the legitimmate need for house rent and hand to mouth, it should not be your focus. So you don’t talk here, you talk from there, from your position.

I Corinthians 2:9; You can’t be thinking or talking average because the Holy Spirit has revealed it to you. It’s others who dont know or haven’t seen the prototype of what you are and are able to deliver.

We believe that this word will cause profit and productivity to spring forth in your life.

God bless you! Have a fruitful week.

We love you.