As He Is

As He Is
May 6, 2018 Blog Admin
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As He is with Rev. Johnson Bello

Hi there❤
Thank you for visiting. May these words come alive in your spirit and cause you to live from the reality of who you are.

God likes fun. I’ll tell you about that in a minute.

All these years we’ve been talking about grace, grace, grace. But maybe I should fine tune it. It is the gospel of Christ not the gospel of grace.

Paul didn’t say, “I’m not ashamed of the gospel of grace.” It is only in the gospel that you find power.

In all of God’s creation, He had a program that He designed Himself. Any IT person would understand creating programs. So God created a program and because no one else could fulfil it, He came in the form of a man to fulfil it.

I John 4:17:
In the day of judgement refers to confidence to stand before God.
As He is, so are we in this world. How many of you have been working with God but things have not been going the way you expect it? I want to pray for you.
Just watch it. You’d testify.

As He is, so are we in this world. Before Jesus died, he was, but after His resurrection, He is.

Philippians 2:6; Jesus was in the very nature of God but He thought it not robbery to be equal with God. But after He become the resurrected Christ, He’s seated now in a place of authority and as He is, so are you.

Can you tell your neighbour? You are Jesus.

You’re not waiting to be like Him in heaven. You are Jesus now. So when your neighbour shouts “Jesus!” go help him.

He had to die in the form of man so that mortality would be humiliated and immortality will become the talk of the town.

You are a Jesus existing in the earth that controls this earth. You are to control. Because as He is, so am I.

Acts 13:33; As a matter of fact when Jesus rose from the dead, that’s when He began to experience new dimension of power.

The last Adam was traceable by bloodline but the second Adam who is also the last Adam was traced through the Spiritline not the blood line.

As He is, so we are. I pray this gets into your heart. I’m not talking to a mortal class of people.
As Jesus is, so you are. Your lineage is not that which is accessible through the bloodline.

We are the representatives of Jesus here.
If I’m in a plane and it crashes and I’m no more, it means God died, because in Him i live, i’m hid in Christ so whatever can touch God, can touch me. You can’t get to the inside without touching the outside first.

You’re not just tattooed, you are engraved so you can’t be removed.

Jeuss is sitting at the right hand of the Father so that everything He has gotten for me will be truly finished.

Sometimes when you hear people say, “I cannot be sick.” or “I cannot fail”, you think they are boasting but no, they understand who they are.

We need to look inwards and see that we are truly manifesting this potent reality of being just as He is.

We don’t speak negative things in the house. I am Jesus.
You were delivered not about to be delivered, that is, you were snatched out from one location and transported to another.

What Christ was doing was making us to be exactly the picture of Christ here on earth.

It is important that we know this truth. This is a reality that must be established in our hearts.

Romans 8:11; The same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you and quickens your mortal body.
It quickens your mortal body here and now so that you can operate in the immortal level or realm. So when I go through a challenge or painful experience, it’s only a part of the system. I’m not feeling bad or down.
When you go through pains, appreciate God, that pain is a step in the right direction taking you to where God has designed.

As He is, so am I. It’s not about the status or title. You could be a labourer or janitor but you have the sense of belonging that as you clean, you’re not loosing your respect but gaining the honour of who you really are.

If my son walks into the house, he doesn’t need permission to take anything. It’s only that now because of the place of courtesy and respect he waits a bit if he sees me talking to someone but my younger daughter doesn’t even that time t wait, she just comes and takes because she is confident of her access to me because she knows that as I am, so is she.

You don’t pray and beg. How many of you beg when you pray? Be sincere.
That can be very stupid. You kneel and beg God. You are begging because you don’t know that as He is, so are you.
You dont beg, you talk to God.

My Lordship, the Bishop taught me that whatever i want, I only need to go get it.
I’m not waiting for things to be better before I get what i want. I won’t wait for Buhari before I wear a good shoe. Let him remain there, we will keep buying houses.

The picture of your assignment in heaven is that you operate as a worshipper. The devil we mock is not ugly, he doesn’t have a horn or tail, all those are only fruits of the artists imagination. He was so intricately and beautifully designed. He didn’t need to play the piano, he only needed to move his body and piano strings would sound out. The devil was one of the cherubims created to define the atmosphere of heaven with worship but as he was cast down, the atmosphere was created here and now as we worship, gifts are manifested and God is excited.
And so in that atmosphere He sends His angels to bless us.

One truth must remain. As He is, so am I.

Until you live from the perspective, you’ll keep begging. You need to fully understand who you are. We cannot exhaust this teaching that has to do with the recognition of who we are.
Every minute of the day I walk tall with the mentality of who i am in Christ.
This truth needs to be honed in our hearts daily.

Some of us sing that song, “I know who I am.” but the minute a challenge comes, you suddenly don’t even know you are anymore. Lol.

We need to move from this mentality of we are being followed or that cockroach and rat that flew past is a premonition or your uncle looked at you funny.
Your uncle is looking at you because you don’t know you are a Jesus. The day you do, he won’t be able to look at you.

We are not trying to be him. We already are.
I’m not trying to be great, I was born great.
The blood of Jesus was not meant for the devil. It’s too precious for Satan, it was only used once, recorded in Exodus to vindicate and justify the children of Israel from judgement when He passes over.

So the blood is too expensive to be used on Satan or on your food. Once you use it in your food, the food now belongs to God and you shouldn’t eat it anymore. Lol.

You don’t need the blood to do all of the casting and binding of the devil. As He is, so are you. Just speak.

Don’t let your job or friends define you.

I John 1:7; Do you see what the blood of Jesus is meant for? It’s not to cover your rice.
Don’t use the blood anyhow.
Everything God made has the ability to hear. So whatever is not working, just speak. Don’t cast too many devils, you’re overlabouring yourself in the place of prayer.
It’s because you are afraid to die that’s why you plead the blood of Jesus from when you board the plane to when you disembark.

John 20:21; Says as the Father has sent me. You are sent.

If as He is so am I, and Jesus saw the storm raging so heavily and just spoke to it to stand still and it obeyed, if He could say that, then you can say to cancer or arthritis, die and it will.

Anything you curse, dies from the very minute you did. In the Spirit realm it dies immediately you said it so i’m not waiting to see the manifestation of it in the physical.
When i call money to come, it comes. I don’t need to see my bank book or account because if I am Jesus, what I say must come to pass.

We pay too much attention to the devil such that he’s engaging so many of us in night vigils.

When you understand who you are, you walk in it. There’s nothing wrong with praying but pray with understanding. If as He is, so am I, then I don’t need to lock my window at night and deny myself ventilation for fear of what can come in at night.

It’s the victory mentality you’ve got to have!

When you walk with God, your hands are in His hands. Now He is all-knowing, He sees the pit ahead of you but He didn’t change your direction and you fell into that pit until He pulled you out. And you’re asking, “But why?” . The why is for you to know Him in that pit or in that state.

Jesus walked with God but on the cross, He turned His back on Him.
You’ll get to a point of the journey when you may not be able to feel or touch Him but what keeps you going is what he said to you some years ago.

God loves fun. In the cool of the day, He would come down to just fellowship with Adam and Eve and that’s why we have the good news that we share And fellowship in.
As He is, so are we!

You are created with the mindset to rule, dominate and control. As He is, so are we in this world!

I want you to take a moment to pray for deeper insight to know God because it’s from that revelation that your true identity comes alive.

Reign this week! It’s your default.