Money Talks 2.0

Money Talks 2.0
April 8, 2018 Blog Admin
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Money Talks! 2.0 With Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

How many of you know that rock is Jesus? The song is saying if it’s more than you, it’s not more than Jesus.
You know everybody gets to a breaking point and when you do, you must remember that if e pass you, e nor pass am.
Your life is not outside of Jesus. Acts 7:18
Everything about you is fabricated in who Christ is.

We don’t judge ourselves by the happenings of life, we judge ourselves by who we are in Christ. Christ is not just a person but a place we are found in.
Scripture says we are hid in Christ and Christ in God.
Anything that has to touch you has to touch Christ.

Where is the hope for our lives if the factor of Christ wasn’t present? There’s no hope. If you’re not in Christ, there’s no hope for where your life stands. You remember I told you some weeks ago that the hope of the Christian life is not here but in the life after? That’s where our hope is and that’s the hope we share.
Guess what, when you’re going through stuff, He’s there with you. We have assurance that we are not without help, that He’s a very present help in time of trouble.

I want to eradicate fear from your spirit.
God is the one who created the blacksmith who blows coals in fire and the spoiler and He has said He’s with you, therefore nothing can get you because your righteousness is not of you but is of Him. Isaiah 54:16,17

Some of you are trusting in the arm of flesh, it will fail you. The only thing you need to do is trust in God and keep faith alive because it will come alive.

Celebrate God!

I’m sure someone has been blessed by that and ministered to.
That’s a sure word. That if it’s more than you, it’s not more than Him. We are assured of the future and who we are.

Your past mistakes can’t determine where He’s taking you to.
Jeremiah 11:29

Many of us have plans for certain ages in our lives and when you look at your life, it’s like it hasn’t happened but God knows how to turn things around and work them in reverse.

You know I said to you some weeks ago that overcoming a trial is not in the restoration or change but your victory is that you keep faith even when things don’t change?
How many real people are here, you’ve prayed for things and it hasn’t changed? Does it mean God didn’t hear or His promises are a lie? No. But your victory is in staying in faith.

So, we are going to engage on the subject of money for the next few weeks. And as we go on, we’d be having some remarkable, endowed men of God come to share wisdom and bless us on the subject of money.
I believe that God is raising a new generation of people who will see things differently but we need to deal with the foundations, the principles of money. I said to you last week that when you touch certain levels of wealth, your conversation will inevitably be philanthropy.

I believe that following these series, people will be fruitful in their hands and in their minds.
The African church is known to pray but do not engage their minds. If people will rise to be fruitful and engage what God has put in them, I believe this nation will turn around. The person sitting by your side is the key to something but we must rise up and take our place by contributing the answer.
Many people are tied to your obedience so if you don’t rise, you’re cheating your generation and putting Nigeria at a disadvantage.

Remember when the recommendation of the talent was discussed in the Parable, the one who had and didn’t produce anything with it, what he had was taken from him.

Many people are chasing money instead of value. If you give someone who doesn’t have value, money, he wil reduce the money into the valueless-ness he operates on.

Joel 3:10
Convert farming instruments into weapons of war, this means you should convert your profession into ministry. Don’t think that ministry is only for those behind the pulpit. You are in ministry.
Ephesians 4:12

Who does ministry? The saints. The pastor is not the only one doing ministry. If you’re a footballer or a writer, you’re in ministry. My prayer for you is that everything you do will produce fruits. How much is Neymar paid? Some people go to school and study for years and may not earn up to what he does. In a week, He’s paid about €500,000. I’m not discounting a line of endeavour below another
But that is the fruit of somebody’s legs. I don’t even think he has primary education. He is legucated.

You can’t sit down, feel pretty and expect things to happen if you haven’t mastered your crafts.

Look at Federer who is currently number 1. He has hand-eye coordination because he mastered it.

Rather than look for money, look for you .

Education wil not teach you how to be innovative. It will only refine how to bring it out.

So the first thing we talked about is the giving heart. You can’t be wealthy and not be a giver. We spoke about the Macedonia church. 2 Corinthians 8:2
If the bible says a church is poor, believe it. But they balanced and mixed their deep poverty with joy and generosity.

A time will come where you have to balance the sides of “I have” and “I don’t have” . It’s not a curse but I’m saying when life comes, you must be equipped to deal with life the way God will.

We spoke about how God gave Pharoah a dream, and Joseph got the wisdom to save for the years of famine.
How can you as a mature person have only one account? It’s not right. If you don’t do investments, save at least.
That’s where the storehouse principle comes from.

May God make you a giving person. To give is a grace. These people were not only willing to give what they could but beyond what they could give, in spite of their deep poverty.

Verse 4; these are people who didn’t have but were willing to go beyond their ability.
Whenever you hear giving, have it in mind that it’s a privilege . It’s a privilege to give.

I made this point on Wednesday that you cannot be a giving person if you’re not given to the Lord first. You will struggle. I struggled with this growing up, i wondered what my giving would be used for and i know some people have these questions today.
But I came to understand that giving is a privilege.

Verse 6; Giving is a ministry. Don’t neglect it.
For those of you who know me very well, this is the first time I’m teaching on giving in 3 years. I also share in the pain of where church members are exploited by deception in the name of giving but I also have to be in the balance, so that i don’t cheat you from the benefits that comes from giving.

In fact one of the reasons I came into the ministry is to set things right because we can win by righteousness.
If you find a fake, it’s proof that the original exists so there is a recommended way to give. We don’t exploit or pressure you to give. The Spirit behind this messge is to show you truth and not to beg for your money.

Giving and receiving is so literal in my life that if I give a tie, I get a tie back. Not bow-tie. Lol.
It’s that literal in specificity for me.

Also, I was stingy before. It’s a bad character. It is better you offer first and be like the fool who is always giving. I’ve come to realise that those who give are those who are always giving.
So like we said on Wednesday, if they are always calling you for money and you’re wondering why. Yes they wil call you because the blessing is on you.
Many times when God wants to bless you, He wil do it with a perception.

I have.
It’s not a feeling.

Eradicate stinginess from your life.
One of the first expressions of releasing your blessings is to be a giver.

Every thief needs an honest banker. So wayo people are still looking for sincere people.

What the guy with the one talent did was to bury his talent and expose his fears. What you should do is to bury your fears and expose yoir talent.
If you’re here and in the little you have, you’re still practicing the ministry of stinginess, my dear sister and brother, repent.

Paul said the Macedonia church were poor but they abounded in joy.
What’s the temperament that should accompany a lack of money? Anger, Low self esteem, Suicidal thoughts, Sober reflection etc. But not this church. Some of us are only happy when we have money. The first time I was paid a salary, my walking steps changed. Lol

I had to come to learn that a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things that he possesses.
You know why i say you have the blessing? Its because if you don’t have things yet, know that what you have looks glorious in the eye of those who have. It is glory.
When Kings see your glory, it means yours is over shadowing the King’s.

I’m a blessed man.
I’m a giving person.
No stinginess in this area.

Here’s a free-of-charge advice to ladies; Don’t marry a man that is stingy.

Anything that leaves your hand has not left your life and it will come back, pressed down, shaken down and running over.

2 Corinthians 8:6; There is the necessity to remind you to finish what you started in regards to giving.
Verse 7; This verse is speaking of TSP,
When you read KJV and see the word, “grace” there, you think it’s speaking of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, but no it’s not that. It’s speaking of an act.

Let’s be a balanced church. Don’t talk doctrine at the expense of your giving life.
I’ll show you how your giving proves your love for God.

I hope we know that when we talk about giving, it’s not just money? It’s about you first, your time, counsel, presence and just the heart of being there for someone.
If you’re exposed to the reality of someone’s pain, be kind enough to ask how they are, not as a greeting but as a genuine interest to really know their well-being.
If you can’t give money, give something.

When scripture says in Matthew 12 that the one who does not have anything, what he has will be taken away
It means i’ll take the one you don’t know you have

If you’re a giving person, it shows that you’re a loving person. Talk is cheap. Be a giving person.

Verse 9 isn’t speaking of the fact that Jesus was rich and because of his riches, we’ve become rich as well.
Jesus was the only begotten son before. He was also not just a preferred son but a patterned son.
Therefore, He’s no longer the only begotten son but He’s a firstborn among many brethren, of which you and I are.
Romans 8:29

Your sonship is the highest elevation. As He is, so are we in this world. I John 4:17

Hebrews is the transfiguration epistle. Remember what happened at the mount of transfiguration? When Peter suggested that they make tabernacle for Moses, Elijah and Jesus, a voice came, saying, “This is my beloved son, Hear ye Him”. Meaning, don’t listen to Moses who is the law or Elijah who is the prophets but listen to Jesus.
Hebrews 1:1-3
Jesus is the prevailing voice for the now.

No priest could sit at the right hand of God before because the work was not done. That’s why in the tabernacle, there was no chair for the High priest to sit.
But Jesus is seated at the right hand of God and we are seated with Him. And guess what, He is not lapping you. It’s not a conversation of no space for you.
You are seated far above principalities.
Don’t think that as you are now, principalities or witches are important enough in your life to cause a thought.

I’m seated in the heavens. Ephesians 2:6

2 Corinthians 8:10; It’s to my advantage that I give.

I’d revisit a few things but let’s flip to Chapter 9:3-6 ; You know there are two churches in the conversation? He was speaking to the Corinthian church but was bringing the story of the Macedonian church for them to emulate. So Paul was saying that they should not fall his hand. Lol

Verse 6; Don’t think grace cancels giving. This is not the law. If you sow sparingly, you’ll reap sparingly and guess what? God loves you. You’re still loved by God.

Sowing is important. Some people don’t believe in sowing. They prefer to think of it as a donation. It’s beyond donation because God is involved in the return.

To sow sparingly is to sow, holding back. It is not giving the way you should give because of _just-in-case- . I will give only so and so just in case, I fall ill.
The reason why you give sparingly is because of fear. Your giving is a conversation of trust.

When you’re led to give, give in faith and not in fear.
Hear me! If you’re led.
Don’t be an emotional giver because there’s a balance to it.

Verse 7; See friends, when you’re giving, listen to your heart, because it will tell you. Don’t be scared about it. Listen to the promptings of your heart when it comes to giving.

Verse 8; How many of us have quoted this scripture without putting giving in perspective?
See the Amplified version.
The principle to bring the spiritual blessing you already have to earthly terms is in giving.
If you come into a place and see that someone is not struggling about something, you can tap into it.

This grace results in philanthropy. Charitable donations on the level of giving to nations.

Be a giving person.

If you want earthly blessing, learn to give. Translate it.

I pray for you that you’ll experience this grace.

Some of you are here and you know you’re meant to give your family money but because of bitterness, you have refused to.

Don’t give to only people whom you like. You’re just a one-sided person. Learn to give even if it’s a smile to your enemies.

Be a giving person. May you receive this grace to receive.
Because you wil not touch real money if you don’t give.

2 Corinthians 9:9-10; When there’s multiplication in your life, it’s for sowing.

You can stay cheated in your life and experience only some dimensions of the redemption, but if you want to get earthly blessings, you must be a giver.

God will not trust you with the level of giving to nations if you don’t give. It’s starts with your 2k now. Anyone who thinks they’d be givers when the billions come, has been deceived.

I like the way P.iDeal puts it. He says;
-Giving sparingly is giving small out of your small and small out of your big.
-Giving abundantly/bountifully is giving big out of your small and big out of your big.

Learn to be a generous giver.
For those of you who are givers, you’ll increase in this grace.

There’s no difference between seed and bread. You have to identify your seed. Not everything you get is for you. Some things you get is to be given. So identify it and know that it’s not to be touched.

Someone is probably asking, “I thought we are talking about money?”

Yes, we are, but the foundation of greatness starts with the heart to give.

May God gave you the grace to give.

You are a giving person.

May you be a generous man/woman.
May you be given to the Lord first.
May you be wealthy.

This church is a church where by God’s grace, we will not be announcing projects.
Because when He multiplies your resources, it’s for sowing.

I hope we know that the gospel is for the poor. So you give for the sake of the gospel that favours the poor. This is why we will go into office and not steal because you came to give and not appropriate resources for personal aggrandizement.
So as a Minister in some part of government,
Do you know the word, “minister” is servant? So whatever you do, in the public and private sector, you must see it as service.
There’s a peace that a man who gives to nations touches and buys into that he can’t explain.

We don’t preach in this church that if you don’t give your tithe and offering, you’d be cursed because Christ has become the curse and has eradicated the curse. But if you don’t give tithe and offering, you’ll be cheating yourself from enjoying the advantage that comes with it.

I receive the grace to give.

You are blessed- happy, fortunate, prosperous, and enviable.

In the next few weeks, you’d see traces of the blessing in your life.