Blood Series 1

Blood Series 1
May 23, 2018 Blog Admin
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Blood Series 1 with Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

While i was meditating on what to say this evening, it just dropped in my spirit that we haven’t talked about the blood in a while. So we are going to begin the blood series today.

Jesus overcame Satan by knowing what was written. You must know what is written in your heart. It’s not by wearing a crucifix on your chest or showing the devil a cross.
It’s about the word in my heart.

Nothing can be more important as much as your time in God and the time you invest in His presence.

Hebrews 9:11; It means good things had not yet come before this time. So Christ came as the High priest of the good things to come. Every High priest is always going to mediate something for the people, he stands as something between the people and God. So if one is a High priest of sadness or mercy, he mediates sadness or mercy from a source and brings it to the people. A high priest is one who stands in between the people and God.

We know there were High priests before Jesus came, and what they mediated was temporal. But what Jesus came to bring is eternal. 

The High priests that came before Jesus were  of the order of Levi and Levites were the ordained set of people to bring mercy and judgement to the people but Jesus is of the tribe of Judah which means He will bring a new order not according to the order of Aaron but according to the order in which scripture talks about another type of priest which is Melchizedek. Melchizedek is a man whom no one has the record of his beginning or death, so the Bible typifies Jesus as of the order of this man which signifies his forever-ness.

So Jesus came to be the High priest of good things.

The difference between the redemption of the High priest of the order of Aaron and that of Jesus is that the former is temporal and the latter is eternal.
God has provided eternal redemption through Jesus’ blood.
Let’s look at what the blood of Jesus represents;

1. The blood of Jesus has provided eternal reconciliation.

On God’s part, we have been eternally reconciled. Now, there are two sides to it, so man has to receive what God has already done so he can manifest it.

Why is the redemption of Jesus eternal as against the temporary status of that of the former High priests? If you notice in the setting of the temple, there is no seat and so the priest is not permitted to sit after the sacrifice is offered because it was not yet done , in fact there was a bell tied to their garment that will serve as an indication of whether the sacrifice had been accepted and the priest was still alive.
But the fact that Jesus is sitting down means it is finished. It is eternal and He’s not going to offer another blood.

The blood of Jesus went back to the foundations of the world. There is every reason why His blood can go back, because Scripture says the lamb of God was slain from the foundations of the world.

The question is why will people go to hell if God has been eternally reconciled to us?
2 Thessalonians 1:8;
Whatever is good news is the gospel and Jesus here is the mediator of good things to come. So people go to hell because they refused the gospel. The gospel is the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, so if you put your faith in Him, you are saved.

2 Corinthians 5:19; The world is reconciled to God including the man who is the rapist or the suicide bomber.
Now remember I spoke about two parts; God’s part and our part. On God’s part, He has reconciled Himself to us but on our part, not everyone has received this reconciliation.

I have the word or reconciliation committed to me. It’s a privilege because it’s not my story to tell. It’s His story to tell and it’s a privileged message because He has granted you and I a message to carry that is beyond us.
It’s on Christ’s behalf.

How do we know God has reconciled Himself to us? He was in Christ reconciling through the blood.

2 Corinthians 5:21

The relationship between us and God is settled. There is no more fight.
Become friends with God because He’s already a friend with you.
Our trespasses have been cancelled by God! This is something to rejoice about.

This is the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel is that you have forgiveness of sins already. Nobody goes to hell because of a sin that was committed, they go to hell because they rejected the gospel.
So receive it!
I receive it! The forgiveness of sins that has been given us.
My sins are forgiven!

2. By the blood of Jesus, we have crossed the lines. We have joined the fold! I have been brought near by the blood of Jesus.
The “both” in this verse; Ephesians 2:14- is referring to the Jews and the Gentiles not us and God. The Jews had a complex that they were the only ones accepted by God so there was actually a wall of separation but by Jesus’ blood, it’s been broken down.

In verse 15; God makes one new man out of the two separated parties which is the Church so that He might reconcile them both to God in one body.

Luke 23:9; there’s something here that many of us have read but never really seen. Herod is the king of Jews while Pilate is the leader of the Gentiles.
In verse 12; the day Jesus was about to die, Pilate and Herod became friends with each other, they has been in enmity with each other before then. This was a symbol of what Jesus came to do in breaking down the wall of enmity.

By Jesus blood, you have crossed the lines, the lines of sickness, poverty etc because in salvation is not only forgiveness of sins but deliverance from poverty, sickness and pain etc.

Galatians 3:13; Why didn’t they stab Jesus to death? Why didn’t Jesus die by any other means? It’s because The curse was on the tree so He had to die by hanging, so there’s no more curse on you. This is the new covenant reality that should wire the way you think. You’ve been redeemed from the tribes of men and the curse of man. No more sickness! No more generational curse.

3. We have remission of sins. Atonement is different, it covers but remission blots out.

Hebrews 9:7-14; the blood of Jesus cleanses my conscience from dead works to serve the living God.
Jesus’ blood didn’t just deliver you from the acts of sin but it delivered you from what produces the sin and what it leaves behind.
There is something that produces that sin and there’s soemthing that is left behind after that sin so the blood of Jesus deals with the POWER of sin and the RESIDUE of sin.
What produces the sin? It’s the nature. Scripture calls it the old man.

Romans 6:1,2; Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? Scripture says God forbid, some versions say certainly not, and it is said to mean God will not let that happen because He has set things in motion to prevent this.
If there is a bakery that produces biscuit, you can eat all the biscuit but as long as the factory exists you can produce biscuit the next day but if you destroy the bakery, then biscuit can no longer be produced. So Jesus’ blood destroyed the bakery.
There is a motion set in place which is the reason why you can live grace.

If there’s a dead man and a living man in a room, if money gets missing, who do we hold? A dead man cannot steal.
If the man is dead, he cannot steal. Therefore, we have been baptised into Jesus death.
It’s the gospel of inclusion. He died for you and you died with Him
Galatians 2:20.

The Christian life is not you trying to be like Christ but Christ living through Him. And spiritual maturity is the degree to which you come to the end of yourself to allow Him live Himself.

E. W. Kenyon is a man God used to reveal realities and truths of redemption. Please read some of His books.

Galatians 2:20; It’s the faith of the son of God. Not my faith.
If you want to be mature, keep killing yourself.
A baby easily commits sin, anger, bitterness, strife..etc. So to the degree that you can kill yourself is the degree that you can see Christ live outside of you.

Romans 6:5-6; The old man is crucified.
The bakery is the nature, the body of sin is likened to that factory of sin and it has been done away with, it doesn’t exist anymore so you cannot be a slave to sin anymore as grace abounds.  This is what Paul was referring to.

He who has died has been free from sin. Are you dead? Is the body of sin dead in you? Because of that you are free from sin.

Verse 11; What produces the sin has been done away with so you need to reckon it as a reality, input it in your mind. So when temptation comes, you can say no because you know you are dead.
God’s part is that He has dealt with the body of sin which is the nature of sin. And so on your part, reckon it as so.

When the temptation comes, you say to yourself, “I won’t respond to this because I’m dead.”

Verse 13; He’s saying this as though you have a choice. So if the believer falls into sin it’s because he chose to, he has not reckoned himself as dead and as one in whose nature it’s no longer normal to do certain things.

Can you offend a dead man? If I slap a dead man, will he respond?

I’m dead to sin!
I reckon myself dead to sin!

Envy and jealousy is a sin. When you see someone who’s got soemthing you don’t have and something starts to well up on your inside, you have to tell yourself that, “No! I’m dead to this. That’s not how I roll!”

Romans 6:14: The strength of sin is the law not grace. People preach that it’s when you hear grace that they fall into sin. If I gave you a costly gift, the last thing you want to do is to offend me. So how can you say you understand grace, the costly gift of Jesus and still make the choice to fall into sin? You certainly weren’t hearing grace.

I John 2:1; You didn’t bring your lawyer or advocate, the advocate is with God and He’s for you.

The body of sin is the nature of sin that produces the actions of sin. What it leaves behind is the residue of sin which is guilt. That’s what Satan is selling to you, not even the sin.
The blood of Jesus reaches the conscience because it deals with the aftermath of sin and settles the guilt.

You need to know that you are free from guilt.

The first “God forbid” shows what God had done because of what He set in motion by the blood.
Now, the second “God forbid” is different.

Guilt cannot be a part of your life because Jesus has paid, so you are free from anything called guilt.

The word “remission” means  to blot away, it means it never happened. So you can’t be guilty of what never happened. This is why you must be careful not to be a slave of sin because it puts you into a guilt trap. Sin can never affect God, it affects you.

Lastly, I want you to know that God finds no fault with you. You stand holy and perfect, side to side with Him and there is no iota of inferiority. You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!

God is eternally reconciled to you because God’s position towards you can never change. The only way to change the position of God towards you is to undo what He has done. If you can’t undo what God did in Jesus, then you can’t change the position.

You reckon yourself dead when those things come back to you.
So you are righteous in Christ. That’s what the blood of Jesus has done for us. You can’t say we don’t know what you’ve been through. You don’t really know what Jesus has been through.
What He had do to go through to save you is longer than how long you lived.

You don’t go to heaven by what you do. You go to heaven by what Christ has done. Scripture says He has raised us up together with Him and we are seated in heavenly places. Are you trying to say that when you sin, He asks you to come down and when you repent, He pulls you back up? Do you think that’s what Jesus is doing?

I John 1:9; He was talking to the Gnostics not the believer.

I just want you to know that if you put your faith in Him, you are heaven bound and you have the power over sin because you are dead to sin.
I will reckon myself to know that I will no longer live in unforgiveness or resentment or bitterness or snap at people because I’m dead to sin!

Thank you Jesus for what the blood has done!

My sins are forgiven!