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25th April 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

Jesus has already gone in there for us. He has become our eternal High Priest in the order of Melchizedek.

There’s something interesting about blood sacrifices.
You see, no one can come on the basis of his/her perfection to present the sacrifice. You needed an advocate. Under the law, you needed a high priest to keep making atonement for you. This High priest had to be a turban and robe-wearing Jew of the tribe of Levi in your community so that when you fail/fall, you can call on him to make an atonement for you.
Friends, do you see why you can’t be under the law?
Being under the law is no joke. It’s serious bondage!

But you know, our High priest didn’t come from the lineage of priests under the law, i.e the Levites. Jesus came from the tribe of Judah and like scripture compares Him to Melchizedek, He is the High priest who lives forever(Hebrews 7:14-17).
That means His work does not end because the work of the high priest is determined by the life of the priest. For as long as the priest is alive, then he is working but the moment he dies, there has to be a divine ordination to replace him.
But guess what? We have a high priest who lives forever! In the true tabernacle of heaven.

And unlike the former priests, this high priest did not take the blood of another. It was His own blood(Hebrews 9:12).
Did you know that when Jesus was about to die, He was playing many roles at the same time? He was playing priest and the substitute at the same time. He was both priest and sacrificial lamb at the same time.
As the lamb, we see Him being led as a sheep to the slaughter, beaten & bruised in Isaiah 53:7.
As the High priest, He is the one who says nothing in His defense before Pilate so Pilate doesn’t change his mind(Mark 15:4-5), all in the bid to make sure that the work of crucifixion is done.

He had to pray so that His reflexes were right and He didn’t make wrong moves. In fact, the wife of Pilate had a dream that Jesus was a good man and tried to convince her husband to release Jesus(Matthew 27:19) but Jesus deliberately played the role of one who wasn’t impressed by Pilate’s ability to set Him free.
In John 19:11, He told Pilate- “You have no power against me except it’s given to you from above.”
Imagine that. But that was the priest talking, leading Himself to the slaughter.

Dear believer, your sacrifice is complete for all time.
Jesus saw to it that it was done and it is sustained because He lives forever.
You have a hope of eternal redemption. Live like it.

Am I living as one whose High priest lives forever?

-I am not redeemed with corruptible things. I am a beneficiary of the ultimate sacrifice.
-I have been redeemed with Jesus’s precious blood.
I am worth the blood of Jesus.
-I lay no claim to/association with the law. Jesus is my eternal High priest and the perfect sacrifice for me.
-The sacrifice of Jesus has given me hope of eternal redemption. It’s for all time.
Its saved me completely and for all eternity.
-Because my High priest lives forever, I have a hope. My faith is rooted in the validity of His sacrifice.
-I walk in the experience of all the good things that the blood of Jesus has mediated for me.

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