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15th April 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

But now in Christ Jesus, you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ.

Yesterday, we learned about our role as ambassadors of the gospel & how important it is to tell people of the good things that the blood sacrifice of Jesus has meditated for them.
You see, just like a political campaign where you canvass for votes for your political party/candidate, we ought to promote and amplify this amazing message of reconciliation, of restoration to favour with God and let people know that God is not angry with them.

But there’s something important you also need to know about the blood.
We must know that by the blood of Jesus, we have crossed the lines.
Look how our text puts it- It says we’ve been brought near by the blood of Jesus and there is no more discrimination about being far from God because you lack a Jewish heritage.
In Jesus’s blood, the wall of separation between the Jews who felt special to God and the Gentiles has been broken down.

The blood of Jesus has brought peace, erasing enemy lines or religious complex that makes anyone feel superior to someone else in relating with God.
Listen, eerybody looks good under the blood of Jesus.
It’s a level playing field. No one is more accepted than the other.

Guess what? God set this in motion even before the cross. I’m sure you’ve most likely seen this before but glossed over it. In Luke 23, just before He was sentenced to the cross, Jesus was arraigned before Pilate, the leader of the Gentiles. Pilate didn’t find him guilty so he sent Him to Herod, the King of the Jews to be tried.
But in verse 12, scripture says;
That very day Pilate and Herod became friends with each other, for previously they had been at enmity with each other.

Two powerful men who were long-standing enemies, representing the rift between the Jews and the Gentiles, suddenly became friends and reconciled.
Can you see that this was a symbol of what God intended to do with the sacrifice of Jesus?
Listen, Jesus has brought the Jews and Gentiles together and made one NEW MAN IN CHRIST.

Child of God, the lines have been crossed. There is no enmity between us and God.
And because salvation is a full package, by the blood of Jesus, we have crossed the line of sickness, of bondage, of poverty, of any curse.
You have been redeemed!
This is your reality as a new creation in Christ.
Let this wire the way you think.

How do I relate with God knowing that the blood has brought me near?

-I am a new man in Christ.
-By the blood of Jesus, I’ve been brought near to God. No more enemy lines. No long distance. No wall of separation.
-I am a friend of God.
-The blood of Jesus has brought peace and unity that I now enjoy.
-Salvation is a full package. Therefore, by the blood of Jesus, I have crossed the lines of sickness, of poverty, of bondage, of any curse.
-I am redeemed. Fully and Totally.
-I am a faithful ambassador. I maximize every opportunity to spread the message of reconciliation. I am committed to the good news campaign so that people can experience all the good things that the blood of our High priest has mediated for them.
-Daily, I enjoy the advantage and dividends of the gospel.

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