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3RD MARCH 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

“Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.”

Being on a boat cruise can be such an enlightening experience. If you get the opportunity to see how the boat works or a chance to steer the boat for a short while, you would come to learn some interesting facts. One major part of the boat you would learn about is the rudder, which controls the boat regardless of the different weather elements you encounter, heavy and light winds inclusive.

For instance, when there’s little or no wind, a small turn of the rudder could easily get the boat to turn but when the winds get heavier, you have to turn the rudder multiple times to get the boat to first stay on course and then to make the required turn. And not just that, the rudder actually gets harder to turn, so that you have to apply immense force to get the desired result. This tells you how significant the rudder is.

Guess what? The rudder is to the boat, what the heart is to our lives.
You see, our lives naturally go in the direction of our heart. Whatever directs your heart, ultimately directs your life. If you want to change the direction of your life, then you need to change the direction of your heart.
As our text today puts it, “Out of your heart springs the issues of life”. In fact, that’s what determines the course of your life.

There’s a phrase that stands out in our text- “all-diligence”.
The reason for the emphasis is this; keeping your heart or staying yielded to a particular perspective is not a walk in the park.
Just as it is with the rudder on the boat, there is a need for dedication, attention, deliberateness to keep your heart in turbulent times or stormy seasons.

Dear believer, this is a reminder for you to be mindful of the rudder of your live. We must stay vigilant and diligent in steering our lives by ensuring our hearts stay fixed on God’s word, our calling, and our purpose. And as sailors, we must consistently and diligently watch the winds to ensure that our lives are on course.

Am I aware of the important role my heart plays in determining the direction my life takes?

-I am a new man in Christ. Because of this, my pespective is new.
-My heart takes direction from the word of God and not from circumstances or storms around me.
-Each day, I instruct my heart just as a sailor directs the rudder of a ship.
-I pay diligent attention to what I see and hear everyday.
-I only think on things that are lovely, good, honest, full of virtue and praise.
-As I keep my heart on the word of God, my heart is blind to every other reality.
-The quality of my life is impacted as a result of the word working in my heart. I make progress!

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