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27th June 2020
Dr. Phil Ransom-Bello

If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.

Think about how you long to go home after a long day’s work, that anticipation is exactly the same way you ought to look forward to the joys of heaven. When you know where you came from, you will anticipate the hope that’s reserved for you in heaven.
And so, for the believer, knowing your origin influences your perspective. Not the challenges you are currently facing.

Even when you are facing challenges, you are still thinking about who God is, you are still thinking about the fact that you are seated in heavenly places, you are thinking about who for the joy that was set ahead of Jesus (Hebrews 12:2), and you know, you were that joy.
People who don’t have this hope can’t go through what Jesus went through.
Look, set your hope on things above.

There are many ambitions that are fueled by selfishness not Christ-centeredness, some are fueled from the place of trying to show off. They might look noble but only the individual knows the intent.
And often, the intent can be fueled with trying to prove a point with your friends and family.
Come on, we are more than that.
The believer’s life is never about that. John 3:31 says whatsoever or whoever comes from above, is above all.
So you are not trying to prove a point, you have been proven.
You are not trying to gain appoval or acceptance, you’ve been approved and accepted.
Ephesians 1:6 says you’ve been accepted in the beloved.

Setting your mind on things above doesn’t mean you won’t interact with things here on earth. Of course you will, because you are here.
But you need to be a 6 o’clock Christian with the long hand pointing up and the short hand pointing down. This means, you are more concerned with the affairs of the above than the earthly affairs below. Don’t be the 12 o’ clock Christian that sets his affection on things above and doesn’t iron his shirt or because souls are perishing and you are awaiting Jesus’s return, you don’t take care of yourself and you are unkempt.
No, no, no, Jesus took care of Himself. Some of his parting words while on the cross was for his mother to be taken care of, which shows that He took care of her and Himself while He was here.

Friends, be balanced in how you see things. Your approach should be life and godliness.
How can you be pursuing money to the point that you don’t know where God is in the frame of your life? How can you be pursuing prominence, fame, power and you have lost bearing of where God is in your life?
Oh no, somethings have to come first.
Let the realities of your spirit be stronger than your feelings or your senses because you are not an earthly man or woman.
You are above.

What fuels my ambitions or pursuit in life?

-I believe in the gospel, therefore the seed of the gospel produces fruit in my life.
-I don’t just know the gospel, I live the gospel. I am transformed by the gospel. The gospel is working through me.
-This gospel produces the genuine markers of authentic believers; of Faith, Love and Hope in me.
-I have been raised with Christ and I’m seated with Him in heavenly places.
-Because I am seated above, my perspective is from above and I seek those things which are above. This perspective forms the framework for my thoughts.
-I set my sights on the culture/realities of heavenly places where Christ is.
-My ambitions and goals are Christ-centered. My life is much more than the pursuit of prominence or wealth to prove a point.
-My approach to living is life and godliness. I am a balanced Christian.
-I amplify my consciousness of spirit realities over my feelings. I am from above not earthly.
-The object of my faith is on things above. Daily, I reminisce on the joys of heaven.

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