• “Q & A on the Gospel with Dr. Phil” (23rd June, 2016)

        Hello there! How has your week been so far? Any questions on your mind lately? Well, I guess it’s a good thing you came here then 🙂 A number of weeks ago, we had a Q & A session on the Gospel, moderated by our Senior pastor. It’s our pleasure

  • “The Hope Of His Calling” (19th June, 2016)

    Hello! How do you do and how’s the week coming along? Never forget that God’s got you and is consistently committed to you. It’s our pleasure to bring you highlights from Sunday’s remarkable sermon. Frankly, I think the word was for me 🙂  God was indeed intentional! On Sunday, the

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    “Attitude of Faith” (17 January, 2016)

    with Dr. Phil Ransom Bello… > Your Faith Brings into Reality what already Exists in Eternity! > What God has Said to do is already in Existence in Eternity… > Your Physical Senses can’t Discern the things of the Spirit… > The Source of Faith is the Word (Rhema) of

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    “TSP Love Feast” (13 September, 2015)

    with Dr. Phil Ransom Bello > Seek First the Kingdom of God and ‘His Righteousness’, and all other things shall be added to You. > In the Kingdom, you don’t Seek ‘Your Righteousness’ but ‘His Righteousness’. > The Righteousness of ‘Christ’ is what is Obtainable in the Kingdom. > Righteousness

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    Q and A on the Gospel (Questions)

    Use the Disqus forum below to ask your questions for the Q and A on the Gospel on 19 August 2015.

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    “Epignosis – Knowledge” (9 August, 2015)

    with Dr. Phil Ransom Bello > ‘Eido’ (Knowledge) is when you come into an Awareness of receiving what was delivered to you. > ‘Epignosis’ (Knowledge) is a type of Knowledge in which you are involved in. > ‘Epignosis’ is a type of Knowledge that causes Change in Character and Attitude!

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    RTP >> Raise The Praise: “Types of Knowledge” (2 August, 2015)

    with Dr. Phil Ransom Bello > What you have Knowledge of is what makes you Stand Out! > It’s the Word of God in your heart that Distinguishes you! > Never base your life on Earth Knowledge, always depend on the Word and Wisdom of God… > ‘Ginosko’ (Revelation Knowledge)

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    “THE BELIEVERS’ BENEFITS” (12 July, 2015)

    with Pst. ‘Osas’ Ediagbonya 1. SALVATION AND JUSTIFICATION > If you are in Christ, you’re a new creation… > There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus… > You already have peace with God, don’t let heart be troubled.. > You are worth the Blood and Sacrifice

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    ‘G.A.M.E >> Light Up!’

    with Dr. Phil Ransom Bello and Pst. Dan Addo > Light is a Person… > True light comes from Christ… > You have been made to be the light of the world! > The light you have is a Reflection of the light of Christ! > Your brightness is proportional

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    ‘Sunday Evening Live >> His Righteousness’ (14 June, 2015)

    with Dr. Phil Ransom > You have been included in the Divine Covenant because of Christ > The blessings of Abraham are yours because of the work of Christ > You receive the Inheritance by putting your faith in Jesus > Jesus has become the End of the Law for

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    Gift of Righteousness (7 June, 2015)

    with Dr. Phil Ransom Bello… > Righteousness has been given to you as a Gift! > Righteousness is not what you work for, but you Receive! > You have been made Righteous because of what Jesus has done… > The Righteousness of Christ didn’t repel but attracted men to Himself..

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    A New Dawn (31 May, 2015)

    with Dr. Phil Ransom Bello… > Prayer is a Birthing process that brings out what God has given you into existence and manifestation! > You share in the Joy of answered prayers when you Pray > Prayer is calling on Earth what God has already Declared in Heaven! > If

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    ‘GIFTED’ (24 May, 2015)

    with Dr. Phil Ransom Bello > You have been gifted by God! > Righteousness has been given to You as a Gift… > Reigning in life begins by your Consciousness of Righteousness > To be Gifted means you receive something you don’t earn > God has Gifted you in whatever

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    TSP Sunday Service (17 May, 2015)

    with Dr. Phil Ransom Bello > As spiritual beings our daily food is the Word of God > You can go through levels in your life by revelations in the Word > As a believer, your greatest asset is the Word > We should all dare to be the generation

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    RTP >> Raise The Praise: “Child Of Hope” (3 May, 2015)

    with Dr. Phil Ransom Bello > Our hope is not of this world. Our hope is in Christ and of Christ > The hope that we have does not disappoint because of the steadfastness of God’s love > The revelation of God’s grace introduces us to the reality of the